Johann Fanzoj THE LEOPARD Deluxe Weapon Set

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    Every time Johann Fanzoj publishes a press release telling about another finished project, it is guaranteed that you’ll see not just a deluxe firearm but a true masterpiece, an exquisite work of art created by the wizards of this 230-year-old company. Their latest creation, a set of weapons dubbed The Leopard, is no exception. This set consists of a bolt action rifle, a pistol and a knife, all engraved with the motifs of this graceful feline.

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    It took Johann Fanzoj masters three years to finish The Leopard set. This is a result of the teamwork of talented designers and gunsmiths as well as a wildlife artist, engraver, stock maker, saddler, case maker and goldsmith. The materials used in creating these firearms and their accessories are of the highest grade and include mammoth ivory, 24K gold, and Circassian walnut root wood. The mammoth ivory inlaid elements such as the knife scales, pistol’s grips and rifle’s forend tip, grip cap and buttstock inlay are scrimshaw engraved, a bone and ivory engraving technique that when executed by a skilled master results in mesmerizing photorealistic images. Johann Fanzoj has been using the scrimshaw engraving technique in their rifles for a long time and we previously had a chance to take a look at some of them.

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    The scrimshaw carvings along with the meticulous leopard skin texture engravings on the metal surfaces of The Leopard set weapons are accomplished by Austrian master engraver Richard Meier who is the author of many other masterpieces like this which you can find on his website.

    Even if engraved and embellished firearms are not your cup of tea, it is still impossible to not appreciate the execution of this set and the level of craftsmanship and talent that are required to create weapons like this. Even if you are not into firearms at all, it is still probably hard to not appreciate these weapons as works of applied art.

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