Johann Fanzoj KB-1 TI CARBON Break Action Single Shot Rifle

    Johann Fanzoj is one of the few premium hunting firearms manufacturers that manages to combine the over 200-year-old traditions of gun making with modern technologies and materials. Eight years ago they introduced a bolt action rifle called TI-3. It was a rifle which with the exception of the barrel had all other action parts made of titanium. That was a success which led to the introduction of other innovative firearms one of which is the KB-1 TI CARBON – a break action single shot rifle utilizing a titanium action and carbon fiber stock.

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    There are at least three adjectives that can be used both when describing the titanium and carbon fiber – lightweight, robust and resistant. And all three are desirable features for a hunting firearm. Lighter hunting rifle makes it a joy to carry it during a long hunting trip. The strength of the materials minimizes the likelihood of damaging the appearance of the action or stock. The resistance of titanium and carbon fiber to moisture, temperature, and other environmental effects make these luxury guns real field tools.

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    The action of this rifle is a very strong one capable of handling most of the modern high power hunting cartridges. The overall weight of the rifle will vary depending on the caliber choice, but in any case, it will be 45% less than an identical rifle in traditional wood and steel configuration.

    Below you can find the technical specifications of the KB-1 TI CARBON rifle quoted from the Johann Fanzoj website:


    CALIBER: Any caliber of client´s choice

    ACTION: Round-body action of titanium alloy, with ultra-strong “Kippblock” lock, safety thumb-cocking mechanism; Fanzoj direct adjustable trigger

    BARREL: Top-quality barrel steel, stress-relieved, with fully integral rib and rib extension

    STOCK: Custom carbon stock

    ENGRAVING: Tasteful ornament engraving. All metal parts covered with multi-level vacuum diamond coating. Individual engraving done to customer’s order.

    OPTIONAL: Muzzle break. High-resistent diamond coating for barrel. Exchangeable spare barrels in different calibers

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    Johann Fanzoj will bring the KB-1 TI CARBON to IWA 2018 arms exhibition held in Nuremberg, Germany in March 2018. For more information visit the company’s website and social media pages.

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