POTD: Ischler Short Rifle by Johann Fanzoj

    Photo Of The Day – We take a very close look at the dangerous end of a stalking rifle called the Ischler Short Rifle. It is made by Johann Fanzoj, a premium gun maker since 1790 based in Ferlach, Austria.

    The rifle has an exposed hammer, octagonal barrel, and a full-length stock handcrafted from Circassian walnut burr.

    Here is another detail made by their master engraver F. Haas. I love the squirrel!

    Here is the company’s description of “The Ischler”:

    The Ischler short rifle became popular at the end of the 19th Century, when Emperor Franz Joseph I presented it at his society hunts in Bad Ischl, Austria. It was elegant, with perfect handling, relatively light in weight, perfect for calm targeted shots from a good position, for distances of nearly 80m—and worlds apart from the heavy large-caliber muzzleloaders commonly used before this time. The octagonal barrel was cradled in a full length stock- forend (with a decorative horn end-cap at the muzzle) which protected it from damage and also prevented clanging noises that might scare game. The aristocratic hunters were thrilled and the rifle has been called the “Ischler short rifle” ever since.

    You can see more pictures of the Ischler short rifle here.

    All pictures by Johann Fanzoj.