YORK Development Aluminum Tactical Scope Cover

    The YORK Development Aluminum Tactical Scope Cover

    Concealment is one of the primary concerns for reconnaissance and sniper teams and a single glint of sunlight off of a scopes objective lens could be all it takes to reveal the location of an observational team. The YORK Development Tactical Scope Cover has taken the idea of a KillFlash and redesigned it to be more versatile and concealable for modern snipers.

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    The YORK Development Aluminum Tactical Scope Cover

    YORK Development Aluminum Tactical Scope Cover

    The initial concept for the Tactical Scope Cover from YORK Development was created by CRIOS Innovations which is a specialized company that was started and is owned by a sniper instructor and former SP Sniper. The two companies have worked together to come up with the physical product of which YORK Development has provided manufacturing and design work.

    YORK Development Tactical Scope Cover Specs and Features

    • Name: YORK Tactical Scope Cover ©
    • Material: 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum w/ anodized coating
    • Fabrication method: CNC Machining, Selective Laser Sintering
    • Color: RAL 1011 (possible slight deviation because of process)
    • № of parts: 4
    • Height (mm): <70
    • Width (mm): <70
    • Length (mm): >130
    • Part number: 1020.1310-01
    • Durable construction
    • Easy to operate
    • Installation without tools
    • Compatible with high-end scopes in the industry with the possibility to always extend and
    • Can adapt to different brands, objective sizes
    • Low profile
    • Interchangeable front covers allow the sniper to quickly adapt to a changing environment

    The YORK Development Aluminum Tactical Scope Cover

    The Tactical Scope Cover (TSC) can be mounted to the front of the riflescope to act as a sunscreen and can be adjusted to match the angle of the sun to prevent unwanted reflections. The TSC also acts as a rain cover and features quick-disconnect interchangeable front covers with an organic cutout seen in the photos which are intended to remove the obvious round shape of the front of the scope.

    The TSC is currently available for the following models of optics with more to come:

    • Schmidt & Bender PMII 3-12×50
    • Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25×56
    • Leopold MK5 5-25×56 HD (Pre-order available)

    Not much can currently be done for a few of the other obvious shapes that are distinguishable from the rest of the terrain and ghillie suit. Most notably the muzzle of the rifle. However, most people wanting to remain concealed will take advantage of every concealment method they can get, and breaking up the round shape of your objective lens seems like a great way to eliminate yet another point of recognition for your enemies. The Tactical Scope Cover will be available for around 200 Euros due to the niche market of the accessory. If you’re interested in having one made for your scope you can contact lead designer Jorvik at [email protected].

    The YORK Development Aluminum Tactical Scope Cover

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