Meprolight Mepro FRBS Updated with Hyper-Bright Front Sight

    Meprolight Mepro FRBS Updated with Hyper-Bright Front Sight

    Meprolight’s wildly popular FRBS backup iron sights have received a recent update with their Hyper-Bright front sight which now features not only the tritium insert but also your choice of a bright green, yellow, or orange shroud which should aid in faster target and sight acquisition. The rear sight that comes with the pair is still available in either the two-dot or four-dot crosshair configuration with both sets of FRBS iron sights being available in either black or tan coloring.

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    Meprolight Mepro FRBS Updated with Hyper-Bright Front Sight

    Meprolight Mepro FRBS Updated with Hyper-Bright Front Sight

    Meprolight’s engineers made the immensely popular Mepro FRBS even better by offering it with a Hyper-Bright™ front sight featuring an extremely bright colored ring with tritium illumination in your choice of green, yellow or orange. The contrasting sight color enables shooters to acquire the front sight faster and improves target acquisition in all lighting conditions. Choice of two dot or four dot rear sight is available in black or tan.

    The durable, tritium enhanced, secondary sights are designed to lay flat against the Picatinny rail to maintain a low—out of the way— profile until needed. They are constructed of fiberglass reinforced with high-grade polymer and metal with a rearward operating spring that allows you to quickly flip them forward into place. Windage and elevation adjustments are easy, no special tools required. The Mepro FRBS with Hyper-Bright™ front sight is the only backup sight on the market that incorporates tritium in the sights to improve the sight picture day or night. The night-time illumination is designed bright enough to see them but not too bright to impact sight picture.

    No matter your style of shooting—Self-Defense, Competitive, Military/LE or Hunting—the tritium enhanced FRBS allows you to stay in the fight if your primary optic goes down. It includes a 12 yr. warranty on the tritium illumination.

    Meprolight Mepro FRBS Updated with Hyper-Bright Front Sight

    When I first saw these backup irons at SHOT Show 2020, I thought it was a pretty unique setup that offers a lot of advantages over other backup irons that were already available on the market. I’m a big fan of tritium enhanced sights and I also like that the windage and elevation for both the rear and front sight are hand adjustable. When folded flat, the FRBS sights can still be used as they incorporate backup sights even when folded down just without the hyper-bright enhancements. The Tritium Hyper-Bright FRBS backup iron sights will set you back about $150 on average depending on where you buy them from. Meprolight has a list of authorized dealers here so you don’t wind up buying a knockoff product.

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