POTD: Estonian Special Forces Using the HK416A7


    The Estonian Special Forces (ESTSOF) are using the HK416A7 by Heckler & Koch. Here you can see them at a shooting range during winter. We had our hands on the “A7” at the Heckler & Koch booth at EnforceTac already in 2018, but it can still not be found on HK’s webpage. Germany’s Special Forces call it the G95.

    Below: HK417A7 with Aimpoint red dot and secondary iron sights.

    Here is a source to the original pictures: Picture gallery.

    You can find the Estonian Special Forces on Facebook in the link.

    We welcome comments in the intended section below. How well do you think a civilian version of the HK417A7 would sell?

    Our POTD (Photo Of The Day) series of articles was established in 2014 and it’s our way to show selected photographs from the firearm world. As a bonus, you get a short story and hopefully, you’ll learn something new.