Underground Arms Watch – June 2021

    Underground Arms Watch – June 2021 Pt.1

    Welcome back to the Underground Arms Watch. The first week of June saw a number of seizures of the FGC-9, the widely reported on 3D printable 9mm carbine released by Deterrence Dispensed last year. The example below was one of two seized from a ‘factory’ operating in Tampere, Finland which was uncovered during raids on addresses connected to criminal groups making use of the compromised encrypted chat network known as AN0M.

    FGC-9 MK2 (Finnish Police)

    In Australia four FGC-9s had been seized during two separate raids in late May and early June, which was also in connection with investigations into crime syndicates.

    FGC-9 seized June 1st – 7 News

    An example of the MK1 was also seized in Aukland, New Zealand on 29 May:

    FGC-9 found in a property in West Auckland (NZ Police)


    Below – Various FGC-9 3D printed pistol caliber carbines apparently for sale for €2000 each via a seller based in the The Netherlands through an arms dealing telegram group (@Xaniken):

    The same group also appears to have an example of the elusive ‘R9-Arms’ machine pistol listed for sale:


    Homemade submachine guns seized by Israeli Security Forces in April:

    “During nighttime hours; ISF conducted a search operation in Ramle City; Weapons and ammunition were discovered and seized. One Palestinian suspect (with Israeli citizenship) was arrested.” (Local Focus – Security Alerts)


    One of a number of improvised firearms seized from a pensioner in Russia. It appears to have started life as a blank starting pistol.


    Improvised weapons including percussion lock muzzle loaders and alcohol powered air guns seized from villages on Tatsumoshima Island in Delindayi Province by the Burmese army.

    Below are a number of firearms confiscated by police in Zimbabwae during drug related arrests:

    Progressive results were attained in an intelligence-driven operation, conducted by the Provincial Vehicle Task Team in the Folweni area, on Friday.

    The team proceeded to a homestead where they conducted a search in a rondavel. Inside, two males, aged 22 and 27, were found.

    They were subsequently searched and found in possession of five illegal firearms and nine rounds of ammunition.

    Provincial police spokeswoman, Col Thembeka Mbele, said, “A 46-year-old woman was also found inside the rondavel in possession of heroin drugs and cash. The value of the drugs is R3, 000. The team then proceeded to the Phola Reserve at Nsimbini in Folweni where a 62-year-old man was found in possession of three firearms with six rounds of ammunition.”

    The suspects were placed under arrest for being in possession of illegal firearms and ammunition.

    On Thursday, the same team recovered three stolen vehicles at KwaDabeka, Bellair and Lamontville. The vehicles were found abandoned.

    “The investigation revealed that the vehicles were stolen and hijacked in Westville, Pinetown and in Bluff. In another operation, the Greytown police embarked on an operation, which resulted in the arrest of two suspects. The suspects, aged 27 and 39, were arrested at the Kwale area in Greytown. They were found in possession of two illegal firearms and six live rounds ammunitions,” she concluded. RisingSun

    A Glock 22 seized by Toronto Police in April fitted with an ‘airsoft’ auto switch, as is often being seen. (TPS)

    Another example seized back in March:


    In April, police in the Minas Gerais seized an interesting craft-made 7.62 rifle. Weapons of this type are usually always dubious but this example appears at least relatively well made, operating from a closed bolt in a conventional manner, perhaps indicating being copied from studying an AK or similar weapon.

    On Thursday (15), at 10:00 pm, in the city of Ijaci, during a police operation, the military received a complaint that an individual was involved in drug trafficking and that he kept an illegal weapon in his house.
    Based on the information, the team carried out patrols in the central area of ​​the city, when the accused, upon noticing the police action, entered his residence, leaving behind 2 portions of cocaine.
    Inside the house, there were 2 other individuals, who tried to flee, but were contained. During the searches, the military found a 7.62 caliber rifle, homemade, considered a high energy weapon, with 2 ammunition of the same caliber and also 2 portions of marijuana and R$ 160.00.
    Thus, the 18-year-old offender was arrested, along with his partner of the same age. The 17-year-old offender, who was accompanying them, was apprehended. Policia Militar



    An example more in line with typical back street narco buzz-guns. Note the extended single stack magazine continuing to extend beyond view.

    IOP Noticias


    Firearms and drugs seized on 14 June in Belo Horizonte including a small machine pistol (Middle):


    A highly personalized example:


    An improvised .380 sheet metal semi auto pistol seized on June 7th:


    Two .32 ACP pistols by Central Crime Branch officers in Karnataka State: