Mystery 9mm machine pistol seized in Europe

by ImproGuns

Pictured is an unknown 9mm machine pistol which has been seized in the Netherlands and more recently in the UK. ‘R9-Arms Corp USA’ appears to be a fictional company, suggesting it has been manufactured illicitly. The model is made to a very professional standard with a milled receiver and slide, perhaps even produced in a former legitimate arms factory in a country such as Croatia. It appears to accept an Uzi type magazine and can fire semi or fully automatically.

The ATF in the USA were consulted on its origin and apparently had no matches on record.

An example fitted with a suppressor was recently seized in the United Kingdom from a Dutch lorry driver.

Two examples among guns seized by Dutch police, its small size apparent:

Perhaps a reader out there might be able to shed more light on its origins?

Edit: looks as though my guess of Croatia may be correct, seeing as how a large number were seized there last month. Their actual source is however still unknown.


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  • Alex Alex on Aug 28, 2015

    These look like converted blank guns to me. Question, if a rifled barrel is used, and it is not full auto, would that be legal in the us? Building from scratch or 80% is legal, and there are very high quality blank 9mm available. Can't find a straight answer on legality. these new ones aren't the zinc starter pistol s we grew up with, some like the ekol jackal (not legal to make full auto from imported parts) stand up to 9mm full auto,15 rounds fast. My friend has a few, the beretta copy of a 92 even fits a real 92slide! (Almost)

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA Lt. Greyman, NVA on Sep 01, 2015

    An interesting design. I expect to see more of these where Mac-10 or UZI
    lowers are mated to a pistol upper. Advanced, long range micro-sub guns
    are on the 'net, both as plans and working examples (See
    https://10mmautocombat.word... ). This is in the same ballpark,
    less the stock. This type of weapon mentioned above on single shot, with
    its 30 to 40 round capacity is impressive but bulky. Where it really
    only makes sense is as a full auto "burster" for ultra close range. The
    front "grip" here in the USA is a no-no, requiring a tax stamp from
    BATF, even aside from the full auto capability.