POTD: Swedish Airborne Rangers with Ak4D by Spuhr


    Photo Of The Day: Today we have an excellent photo of the Swedish Ak4D, which is an upgraded Ak4B with a stock and handguard from Spuhr Ltd. As you may know, these upgrade kits can be bought if you own a G3 or a clone. The sight is an Aimpoint CompM5 (called RPS 18) and most likely a 3x Aimpoint magnifier. You can also see the B&T Atlas bipods. It’s interesting to see how many different configurations this oldtimer from Heckler & Koch comes in.

    Below pictures from an air landing of personnel and vehicles in connection with Exercise Halmnäs.

    For more information about the Aimpoint CompM5 check these articles out: “TFB Review: Aimpoint CompM5s Red Dot Sight with Spuhr Mount” and “Heckler & Koch MR223 and Aimpoint CompM5s“.

    These photos are from the Swedish Airborne Rangers, you can find their Facebook page here: Fallskärmsjägarna.

    Have you ever jumped out of an aircraft?