POTD: Combat Corps à Corps with Bayonets on HK416Fs

    Combat Corps à Corps - HK416F
    Hand to Hand combat with the Heckler & Koch HK416F in our Photo Of The Day. This is the place if you’re looking for moments where a photographer captures soldiers and their firearms in interesting situations or places. Today we’re looking at the 35e régiment d’infanterie in France as they train melee with the bayonets on their HK416Fs.
    Combat Corps à Corps
    This is the SG 2000 WC-F bayonet manufactured to the French specifications. This bayonet has a wedge in about 1/3:rd of the length of the blade. Using the adapter it can take a weight up to 80 kilograms without breaking.
    Below: Beware of sharp edges.
    All pictures from Armée de Terre (France), Matthieu L. of the 35e régiment d’infanterie.
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