POTD: French Foreign Legion With Heckler & Koch HK416F and Bayonets

Eric B
by Eric B

TFB’s Photo Of The Day means photographs from around the World. Today we look at soldiers from the French Foreign Legion. This is the first time I see the French Heckler & Koch HK416F with the bayonet attached. Note that the rifles do not (yet) have the Aimpoint CompM5 sight, which is supposed to become the optic of choice.

The caption says (machine translated from French):

The two legionaries of the 13DBLE, wounded with a knife while coming to the aid of an attacked couple in Montpellier, are back in the regiment!
The corps commander of the 13th DBLE of the Foreign Legion congratulated them for this courageous act which made it possible to put a stop for no less than six or eight dangerous and armed individuals. They will be able to resume training in a few days with their comrades.

If you’re interested in the SG2000WC bayonet itself, it can be found here and also here. The latter is the SG 2000 WC-F model with the French specifications.

The new SG2000WC-F has all the features of the SG2000. In addition to this, it fulfills, with its 5mm professional steel blade, the even more demanding specs for the French army bayonet. If the bayonet is wedged in 1/3rd the length of the blade, and a weight of 80kgs is placed on the end of the adapter, then the bayonet will neither break or be bent (on release)!

The knife retails for €212, about $250. The French version is even more expensive at €327 but comes with a multi-functional belt system as well.

All new Original Eickhorn designed multi-purpose combat knife / bayonet with additional wire cutter, fits German Bundeswehr G36 assault rifle KEY FEATURES ● 55Si7 carbon steel blade ● 30-degree angle of flexibility in either lateral direction without damage or fracture ● Half serrated blade for cutting through ropes ● Non-reflective and corrosion resistant Kalgard treatment protects blade and cross guard ● Fibreglass enforced synthetic handle and sheath ● Handle electrical resistance insulation protects to 10.000 volts ● Polyamide sheath with strap fits all U.S. MOLLE and IDZ carrying systems of the German Bundeswehr ● Diamond blade sharpener Overall length: 30.9 cm Blade length: 17.3 cm Blade thickness: 3.6 mm Weight: 320 g Features: SG2000WC – With additional wire cutter. fits German Bundeswehr G36 assault rifle Steel: 55Si7 (HRC 51-53)

Eric B
Eric B

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