G-Code’s Updated Phenom Stealth and Speed Holsters

    G-Code's most recent holster line, the Phenom Series, is getting some new version updates.

    It may be hard to imagine now, but not all that many years ago, the concealed carry holster market was relatively small. Appendix IWB (Inside-the-WaistBand) carry was not broadly adopted and there weren’t vast throngs of Kydex holster makers, of widely varying qualities, plastered all over the internet. Today we’re inundated with holster choices, and AIWB is most commonly hailed as the optimal carry position/style for properly instructed shooters of everyday carry concealed handguns.

    Back in 2013 when the Incog holster first came out, a collaboration between G-Code and Travis Haley of Haley Strategic Partners, it was not the norm. It was better. Though it’s not as ubiquitous as it was several years ago, it is still sold and used – and much is owed to the Incog for the fact that this style of holster is now generally regarded as the standard. It looks like 24-year-old G-Code has not been idle, however. They have a line of holsters newer than the Incogs, dubbed the Phenom series.

    If you want a Phenom holster for your Glock 43X, G-Code has recently added this support.

    If you want a Phenom holster for your Glock 43X, G-Code has recently added this support.

    G-Code’s newest lineup kicked off with two models: the Speed and the Stealth. Though these holsters initially released shortly before SHOT Show 2019, the Stealth is being offered at the time of this writing in limited-time runs of Multicam or Kryptek, and Glock 43X versions were also just released. A couple of notable features are common to both versions. The first is the belt attachment. The products’ web pages each show and discuss an adjustable open-ended clip, which uses a system of interlocking protrusions and indentations that will allow you to set your Phenom holster to one of five angle options. This means you can adjust the holster’s cant for your body mechanics, preferred carry position, and draw stroke, and then lock in that angle. The second feature of note comes in the form of the tensioning device. By now most of us should be familiar with the jutting structures that the market has developed to help rotate your handgun’s grip inboard, hugging closer to your body. The somewhat claw-like polymer ModWing, Darkwing, and Raven Wing structures have helped many concealed carriers to combat printing, and carry their pistols more concealed. G-Code has added their own version to the mix with the machined aluminum “MoClaw” device, which comes standard on the $99.50 Stealth holster and as a $20 optional extra you can add to the base $59.50 Phenom Speed.

    If you prefer a little camo flair on your carry holster, for a limited time you can get a Stealth model in Multicam or Kryptek.

    If you prefer a little camo flair on your carry holster, for a limited time you can get a Stealth model in Multicam or Kryptek.

    For further details, check out G-Code’s website, and see the minimalist Phenom Stealth holster’s official product description, as quoted below.

    LIMITED EDITION: Multicam and Kryptek Highlander now available while supplies last! 

    Phenom-Stealth is:

    A superior quality, feature rich, concealed carry solution for the most discriminating user.

    Purpose built and engineered for security, concealment and solid presentations.

    State-of-the-art (pat.pen) mounting system is low profile and ergonomic for smooth manipulation on and off the belt. Holding power for the secure placement of the rig extends from the integrative geometry between the clip and mounting plate. Together the system components more effectively distribute forces enabling an extreme strength to mass ratio.  Five points of interlock in each of the clips positions insures rock solid retention to your settings.

    Adaptable for strong-side, appendix or cross draw carries.

    Distinctive “MoClaw” device is CNC machined from 6061 and is hard coat anodized. Low weight, streamlined, with superior strength this apparatus ensures that your holster and weapon will always be tucked tight to your body. The MoClaw is a tension device designed to press against the wearers belt in order to drive the butt of the weapon into the body for maximum concealment.

    “Tactical Fuzz” lines the holster inside and out delivering a whisper quiet performance and a functional impression like no other.

    Slim profile distills the rig’s perimeter facilitating a “no-print” silhouette.

    Confidence is assured. G-Code’s legendary holster to weapon fit, superb execution of workmanship and innovation continue to be the industry standard.

    Photos courtesy of G-Code.
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