Contact! G-Code’s Nifty Chest Rig System

    For those “in the know” they know G-Code. G-Code has always been behind the scenes, typically keeping a low-profile but has been busy partnering with various companies creating some of the most influential products today. Some may know them for the INCOG sytem developed in conjuction with Travis Hailey. The “tactical fuzz” is often maligned, but as an EDC holster for my G43, I know of no kydex system more comfortable.

    In the case of their Scorpion series of magazine holsters, its clear that G-Code took a bit of inspiration from HSGI, but moved beyond flattering imitation to their own unique IP in both hard and softshell magazine pouch forms. By removing much of the snag hazard by minimizing where the bungees can get caught, G-Code solved most of the issues of the multi-magazine systems.

    Taking it a step further, G-Code is building the Scorpion system out in conjunction with their new Contact series of chest rigs, which unlike various Molle-based solutions, uses the triple screw arrangement common to holsters to attach pouches. The Contact rig can hold three Scorpion rifle mag pouches, six handgun pouches, or any combination thereof.

    G-Code has since introduced their “3Zero” chest rig which combines the Contact rig and three magazine pouches for $155.00. Upgrading to the “3×3” for three rifle pouches with three pistol pouches mounted kangaroo style is $205.75. All Contact rigs are available across a wide variety of colors. 


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