POTD: Accuracy International – 13 Lichte Brigade

    AI AX
    Photo Of The Day and we’re looking at more sniper rifles from Accuracy International. Here they’re being used by snipers of the 13 Lichte Brigade of the Royal Netherlands Army as they train in the cold, engaging targets up to a kilometer away. They hold vigil as members of NATO’s multinational battle group Enhanced Forward Presence.

    Shooting at distant targets while it’s snowing is a challenge.

    Machine translated from Dutch – Snipers van 13 Lichte Brigade:

    Snipers from 13 Light Brigade (17 Painfbat GFPI) launched their AX-Accuracies this week. This happened at distances up to 1000 meters and in winter conditions at temperatures down to -15 degrees Celsius. Currently, these snipers are part of the enhanced Forward Presence (eFP).
    At the request of Lithuania, the brigade colleagues are part of the multinational battle group consisting of NATO partners such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Norway, France and Iceland.

    Have you done any target shooting or sniping in the cold? How did you like it? Did you use gloves for the trigger finger as well? I just shot a training match from 200 up to 600 meters in full snow and storm and I used gloves all the time. Jerking the trigger worked just fine.