New Light Predator2L Rifle from Rock River Arms

    New Light Predator2L Rifle from Rock River Arms

    Rock River Arms just introduced the RBG-1S Precision Bolt Action Rifle and now it’s time for a lightweight rifle in the AR platform called the Light Predator2L. The components are interesting, with a 16″ stainless steel fluted barrel, two-stage match trigger and a carbon fiber handguard.

    The chamber is .223 Wylde, which is a great choice as it works for both the 5.56 mm and the .223 Rem ammunition. The overall weight is specified at 6.9 lbs., and if you settle for a red dot as a sight it should help to keep the weight down.

    Above you can see the Gunmetal Grey version. Below: Black.

    Rock River Arms Introduces New Light Predator2L Rifle

    Colona, IL – Rock River Arms, Inc.®, one of the industry’s most respected names in Modern Sporting Rifles and pistols, announces their newest predator rifle, the Fred Eichler Series Light Predator2L featuring lightweight, carbon fiber handguards.

    The new Fred Eichler Series (FES) Light Predator2L rifle features a carbon fiber handguard that reduce overall weight and incorporate the popular unique coyote paw prints that are found on all Fred Eichler Series handguards. This deadly accurate rifle incorporates a .223 Wylde Chamber for both 5.56mm & .223 Cal ammunition and the 16-inch lightweight fluted stainless-steel barrel offers impressive accuracy at long ranges, has a 1:8 twist and has been cryogenically treated and bead blasted for a no glare, professional finish.

    The FES Light Predator2L rifle includes a special RRA Fred Eichler Series Brake, helping control muzzle lift and reduce muzzle flash and a RRA two stage match trigger provides a smooth trigger pull. This rifle is built for serious predator hunters and for those seeking a precision rifle capable of 1 MOA, straight from the factory. Also included with this new predator rifle is a Hogue pistol grip, RRA Operator CAR buttstock, BCMGUNFIGHTER medium charging handle, hard case and lifetime warranty.

    LAR-15 Fred Eichler Series Light Predator2L Specifications:

    Model number: FE1565B // FE1565GMG

    MSRP: $1945.00 // $2010.00

    Caliber: .223 Wylde Chamber for 5.56mm & .223 Cal.

    Lower Receiver: Forged RRA LAR-15M

    Upper Receiver: Forged A4

    Barrel: 16 inch Lightweight Fluted Stainless Steel Barrel, Cryo Treated and Bead Blasted, 1:8 twist

    Muzzle: RRA Fred Eichler Series Brake/ ½ – 28 Thread

    Gas Block: Low Profile Gas Block

    Trigger: RRA Chrome Two Stage Match Trigger with Non-Reflective Trigger Shoe, Winter Trigger Guard

    Safety Selector: Star safety

    Pistol Grip: Hogue Rubber Grip

    Charging Handle: BCMGUNFIGHTER Medium Latch

    Buttstock: RRA Operator CAR Stock

    Handguard: RRA Fred Eichler Series Carbon Fiber Free Float Extended with Full Length Top Rail

    Weight: 6.9 lbs.

    Length: 33.5 inches

    Accuracy: 1 MOA at 100 yards

    Included: One magazine, RRA case, Manual, Warranty

    Capacity: 20 rd magazine

    If you settle for the black color, it will cost you $1,945.00 and the Gunmetal Gray is $2,010.00.

    For more information on the complete line of AR15 style rifles and accessories from Rock River Arms please check

    You can also try this direct link to the Fred Eichler Series Light Predator2L.

    Overall, it looks like an interesting package, although I’m not sure about the coyote paw prints on the handguard. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

    Eric B

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