Ultra-Light Hunting Chassis from MDT – The HNT26 System

    MDT‘s chassis are typically focused on “general” or competition use. The new chassis called HNT26 shown and described here is their first purpose-built hunting chassis. Anyone who’s been outdoors hunting for a while knows that weight is an important factor.

    With a weight from only 0.73 kg or 26 oz – including chassis, buttstock, forend and grip(!) – MDT claims this is the most lightweight hunting chassis on the market. I have a hard time imagining how light it is, but working with materials like magnesium and carbon fiber can do wonders.

    The new MDT HNT26 Chassis System is compatible with the following bolt action rifle rifles: Remington 700 Short Action (and clones), Remington 700 Long Action CIP 3.850 (and clones), Savage Short Action, Savage Long Action CIP 3.850, Tikka T3 Short Action and Tikka T3 Long Action.

    The MDT HNT26 Chassis is sold as a complete hunting chassis system with magnesium chassis base, foam-filled carbon fiber buttstock, carbon fiber forend and carbon fiber grip included. For it to work with your system you also need at least one AICS compatible magazine. The chassis is designed to have MDT’s Polymer SA 3 round magazine mounted flush, which looks really nice (see below).

    Here are the details as described by MDT:


    MDT Chassis Systems were designed for sports and tactical shooting. However over the years we found that our chassis were often used in hunting, especially our lighter chassis such as our LSS Chassis system. But we had never purpose-built a chassis system solely for hunting, until now..

    The MDT HNT26 Chassis System is our first truly purpose built hunting chassis. This legendary hunting chassis provides you with all of the usual benefits that you expect from a rifle chassis such as v-block bedding, LOP and comb adjustment, AICS magazine compatibility etc, but weighs in starting at a mere 26oz (for our standard fixed version).

    The MDT HNT26 Chassis is constructed of a magnesium alloy base, with a carbon fiber forend, a carbon fiber grip and a foam filled carbon fiber buttstock. With the increased number of hunters using ARCA tripods, we have included an option to choose a carbon fiber forend with an integral ARCA rail, as well as a foldable buttstock version for compact storage.

    We truly value the feedback that you have given us over the years, and we are proud to bring the MDT HNT26 Chassis System to the market, knowing that this is a product that we have all worked on together to give you the ultimate hunting experience!

    The specifications are as follows:

    • Chassis body machined from AZ61A magnesium alloy
    • Fixed and folding version available
    • Ultralight weight design weighing between 26oz and 31oz depending on configuration chosen (folding version and ARCA version increase weight to the high end of this scale)
    • Foam filled carbon fiber buttstock deadens sound, vibrations and felt recoil
    • Carbon Fiber components provide warm to touch feel
    • Designed to diminish snag points and provide superior ergonomics
    • Low profile mag latch integrates seamlessly into trigger guard
    • V-Block bedding system with free floating barrel
    • Will accommodate barrels up to 1.25” diameter
    • Compatible with AICS style magazines
    • Front and rear QD
    • Front and rear sling swivel mounts
    • Vertically adjustable cheek riser with soft touch foam pad
    • 12.5” minimum length of pull with adjustable spacer system
    • Accepts most AR Grips but specifically designed with ultra lightweight Carbon fiber grip just over 1oz
    • Carbon fiber enclosed forend with MLOK, QD mount, Sling Swivel Mount
    • Cerekote finish in either Black Carbon Fiber or Cobalt Green
    • Titanium action / grip screws

    Unfortunately, high-end materials and the lack of weight are things that bring the cost up. In this case, MDT wants from $1,299.95 for their chassis.

    Here’s a direct link to the MDT HNT26.

    What do you think of the concept and the features? I can’t but help seeing a new project in front of me, incorporating a carbon fiber barrel.

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