POTD: Springfield Saint with Aimpoint CompM5

    Today in our Photo Of The Day article we are looking at the Springfield Saint with the Aimpoint Comp M5. A great combination for a fun day at the range, and the CompM5 is Night Vision compatible so it should work at night as well.

    In these pictures you can see The Saint with various magazines, I think these are from HERA Arms and Lancer.

    Did you try the new Aimpoint CompM5 yet? What do you think of it?

    The nickel boron coated trigger is said to eliminate the gritty feel you’ll find in most GI style triggers.

    These photos are from Jeremy Tremp and his crew at Offensive Marketing Group, used with permission.

    Fairly recently TFB Reviewed the Aimpoint CompM5s Red Dot Sight with a Spuhr Mount. Also, have a look at the carbon fiber Heckler & Koch MR223 and Aimpoint CompM5s.

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