POTD: Cadex Defence CDX-50 Tremor 50 BMG Rifle

Eric B
by Eric B
So you’re a Law Enforcement SWAT team and you want to put a stop to a threat moving with four or more wheels? In today’s Photo Of The Day, we are taking a look at Cadex Defence CDX-50 Tremor 20” 50 BMG rifle. The rifle (or cannon) has been designed specifically for LE specialized vehicle interdiction. By combining the patented folding stock from Cadex with a massive 20.6” Bartlein barrel the final product is compact as well as extremely effective in delivering a huge payload with high accuracy.

Tacflow is proud to have partnered in the development with Cadex Defense of the Tremor 20″ barrel 50 BMG bolt rifle. Purpose designed for Law Enforcement SWAT teams tasked with responding to vehicle threats.

This rifle is also available for recreational shooters, but unfortunately not in Canada any longer. In Canada, you can only buy rifles like the Heckler & Koch G36 and the Chinese Type 81 LMG.

Cadex Defence can be found here: https://www.cadexdefence.com/

Tacflow Academy can be found here: https://www.tacflow.com/

Tell us how much you want one in the comments below.

Eric B
Eric B

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