POTD: Danish Accuracy International AX50

    Photo Of The Day: The tripod is easier to spot, but there’s an Accuracy International AX50 in there as well. The AX50 is an anti-materiel rifle chambered in 12.7×99mm NATO. The picture is taken during the Sniper Course 2020 of the XIII Light Infantry Battalion (Lette Infanteribataljon), where they focused on concealment, surveillance, reporting and lots of stalking in daylight and darkness.

    Denmark is a very flat country. The highest natural point in Denmark is only 170.86 meters high (561 ft).

    The Danes also shoot the AI AX50 suppressed. Check here for a video.

    POTD: Danish Accuracy International AX50

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    The Danish Armed Forces just chose a new DMR Sniper Rifle, the Colt Canada C20 DMR. It’s not to replace the bolt-action AI, but their HK417S.