Video: Danish Sniper Rifle AI AX50 suppressed

    The Danish snipers of Stabskompagniet II Livgarden posted a video of their new Accuracy International AX50.

    To my knowledge these rifles are going to complement, or possibly replace, the current SAKO TRG 42s.

    According to the video the rifle has a 27″ inch barrel with a 1:15 twist, for 12,7 mm .50.

    The scope is a Schmidt & Bender 3-20×50 PM II, in a Spuhr mount. The Spuhr factory would only be a bridge away in Sweden, so it makes sense for several reasons.

    The weight of this system is massive. According to the video the rifle is 12,5 kg and the absolutely huge suppressor weighs in at 3,5 kg. Just look at the difference in size versus the other rifles.

    Below: Photo from the video. The Danish STKMP/II/LG Snipers shooting the Accuracy International AX50.

    The scope and mount is not so bad at 1,2 kg. The total comes to over 17-18 kilograms, which is not so fun when you have to change position.

    The AI AX50 has a 2-stage trigger and 5 shot capacity magazine.

    You can see the AI AX 50 suppressed in slow motion as well as hear it.

    You can check the video of the AI AX50 here.


    So are the Danish Snipers any good? Well they won the 2017 International Sniper Competition at Fort Benning if that’s worth anything?

    Eric B

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