The Polish VIS 100 M1 (Ragun, PR-15) Pistol Is Coming To America

    VIS 100 M1 FB Radom

    Image credit: FB Radom

    FB Radom’s newest military sidearm has gone by several names, such as “Ragun”, “PR-15” and most recently, upon it’s official adoption by the Polish armed forces, the “VIS 100”. Followers of the development of this double action/single action (DA/SA) pistol have been hopeful that it would be imported into the U.S. at some point. Well, there seems to be some recent evidence that an importation deal is in the works. It also appears that the civilian version will have a few extra upgrades over its military issued version.

    FB Radom VIS 100 M1

    Military issue VIS 100, note the lack of optic mount. Image credit: FB Radom

    The civilian version of the Ragun will be designated the “VIS 100 M1” while its military counterpart is known simply as the VIS 100. The VIS 100 M1 will have the same ambidexterity and function as the Polish Army’s, but will also feature a beefed up slide which is cut to accommodate pistol mounted red dot sights. They will also come with a Plus 2 magazine floor plate, which will bump up the magazine capacity to 17 compared to the Polish army’s 15 rounders, although reportedly each pistol will come with the standard floor plates in case the end-user wishes to reduce the pistol’s footprint.

    A Polish Armed Forces VIS 100 on display at MSPO 2020 (Charlie Gao/Overt Defense)

    The last difference will be the inclusion of fiber optic sights, fore and aft. I haven’t been able to find if there’s compatibility with other pistol sights, so let us know in the comment section if you’re aware of any sight compatibility.

    The supplied optics plate is compatible with Shield RMS, Burris Fastfire, Docter, Noblex, JP, and Vortex Viper and Venom micro red dot sights. The photos shown in this article feature the cover plate if no optic is used.

    FB Radom VIS 100 M1

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    The biggest piece of evidence leading up the importation deal is that Atlantic Firearms already have a product page (photos pending) carved out for FB Radom’s VIS 100 M1. Atlantic Firearms confirmed that they are working on the importation deal, but don’t have a firm date as to when it will become available.   While there hasn’t been any official word on the future U.S. MSRP, the current Polish civilian price is listed ar 2,599 PLN, which presently translates to around $690 USD. FB Radom’s M1 product page can be viewed HERE.

    FB Radom VIS 100 M1

    FB Radom VIS 100 M1. Image credit: FB Radom

    Thanks to Mr. Parker for the tip!  What do you think about the VIS 100 M1? Were you pleasantly surprised at the civilian configuration over the military version?  If you’ve been hoping for the chance to try one out, let us know in the comment section.

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