Poland’s New Pistol: The FB Radom PR-15 RAGUN

    PR-15 RAGUN - now the Vz.100 (FB Radom)

    In addition to adopting a new service rifle, Poland is also seeking to replace its current P64, P83 and WIST-94 pistols. In addition to the MSBS Grot 5.56×45 rifle, FB “Łucznik” Radom will also provide the PR-15 RAGUN, the Polish army’s new 9x19mm sidearm. The pistol’s current name ‘RAGUN’ comes from a combination of Radom and gun, while the PR-15 designation apparently stems from Pistol, Radom and the projected year of production beginning, 2015.

    Early pre-production PR-15 RAGUN featured on FB Radom’s page for the pistol (FB Radom)

    At the end of November it was announced that development of the PR-15 had ceased and the new pistol had completed the Polish Army’s qualification testing – which began back in April. The Polish military has ordered and initial batch of 6,500 pistols. 5,000 of these will be issued to the Wojska Obrony Terytorialnej – WOT (Polish Territorial Defence Force). The remaining 1,500 pistols will be issued to Poland’s Land, Naval and Air Forces. The 3rd Subcarpathian Territorial Defense Brigade of the WOT was a key testing unit for both the PR-15 and the Grot.

    PR-15 RAGUN (FB Radom)

    In development since 2009, the PR-15 has fully ambidextrous controls and feeds from a 15 round magazine. FB Radom list the aluminium alloy-framed pistol as weighing 695g (1.5lb) unloaded with a 4.3 inch barrel and an overall length of 7.7 inches. Muzzle energy is listed as 480 to 520 joules.

    According to a recent Milmag article the Polish military hope fast track the adoption of the PR-15, with the first pistols reaching units in early 2018.

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