TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #17: Jacob Witten From GLOCK

    TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #17: Jacob Witten From GLOCK

    TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #17: Jacob Witten From GLOCK

    Happy Friday listeners and readers. As we get ready to celebrate the unofficial end of Summer, I thought we should cap off GLOCK week (retro P80 and updated slimline guns) with our SHOT show interview with product manager Jacob Witten. In this episode, we talked about the G44 rimfire pistol and I put Jacob on the spot with some tough questions that we all would ask given the chance. Besides being a great guy, Jacob is a smart and talented product manager in Smyrna, Georgia. I look forward to the release of his future projects. Enjoy the listen.

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    TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #17: Jacob Witten From GLOCK

    Hello everyone and welcome to TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast.  I’m Pete and I’ll be your host. Today on the show we have Jacob Witten from GLOCK.  Jacob is a Product Manager at GLOCK in Smyrna, Georgia and most recently led the G44 rimfire pistol project. The GLOCK story began in 1963 with engineer and businessman Gaston Glock who was manufacturing injection molded parts and components. Since then, GLOCK has made history by designing and manufacturing some of the most iconic firearms in history and supplying them to military, law enforcement and civilian shooters around the world. Please welcome our friend Jacob Witten from GLOCK.

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