Glock’s New Modular Magwell Attachment

    Check Out Glock's New Modular Magwell Attachment for Popular Glock Pistols

    Glock has just released a Modular Magwell Conversion that allows faster and more accurate reloads. The flared magwell is available for several models of popular Glock pistols and has just started shipping.

    Check Out Glock's New Modular Magwell Attachment for Popular Glock Pistols

    Glock’s New Modular Magwell Attachment

    For anyone who’s competed before or at the very least, had trouble seating a magazine, you’ll be familiar with how much of a benefit having a flared and beveled magazine well is. Essentially having one of these either built-in or added to a pistol makes for much faster reloads when under a rapid reload situation. Think of it as a funnel for your magazine.

    Glock's New Modular Magwell Attachment (2)

    The Glock Modular Magwell adapter is compatible with Glock G17 Gen 5, G34 Gen 5, and G45 pistols. It is unknown at this time if Glock plans on expanding the accessory to other Glock models but for now, this covers some of the most popular models including the Glock 17 which I have personally seen converted for use as entry-level competition pistols for the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) competitions.

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    The magwell conversion it’s not a drastic modification. In fact, it appears as if this modification is easily removable making it a zero tool add-on for your Glock pistol. The price ($19.99) also seems fairly reasonable compared to other options from companies already doing this. For example, several popular offerings can run you nearly $90 when all is said and done.

    Check Out Glock's New Modular Magwell Attachment for Popular Glock Pistols

    With the price and compatibility being in the correct ballpark, I think the final test to pass will be whether or not these modular magwells stand up to continued use and abuse. These magwells appear to be made in-house and quite possibly out of the same material as the rest of the polymer Glock frame. If this turns out to be true you can expect these to be just as tough as the rest of your Glock pistol. For more information or to order a Glock Modular Magwell Adapter visit the Glock Store.

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