POTD: Waiouru Military Training – Exercise Sari Bair

    Waiouru Military Training

    Photo Of The Day – This time from the New Zealand Defence Force and their Exercise Sari Bair, which was their largest training exercise at home in 2018. The terrain and weather at the Waiouru Military Training Facility added to the challenge of completing the tasks, but the views certainly look extraordinary. 

    The vehicle above looks like an NZLAV (Light Armoured Vehicle), originally named Kodiak by the Canadian Army.

    It looks like they’re using NZ MARS-L (LMT) and the FN Minimi.

    1 (NZ) Brigade converged on the Waiouru Military Training area this week to test themselves, their skills, and their equipment in a high-tempo, joint land combat environment during Exercise Sari Bair.

    Troops assault up a hill with the support of a New Zealand Light Armoured Vehicle from Queen Alexandra’s Mounted Rifles.

    -“Guys, have you seen any Hobbits around?”

    All pictures from the New Zealand Defence Force.