New Akkar Churchill 620 Tactical 20GA Pump-Action Shotgun

    With a very competitive price starting at $249, you can get yourself the new Churchill 620 Tactical 20GA 3″ pump-action shotgun. According to the importer, EAA Corp, you get a purpose-built home defense or patrol shotgun. The shotgun comes with an 18.5″ barrel, a traditional stock and a Picatinny receiver rail for mounting optics on top of the aluminum receiver. The standard “optics” are ghost ring rear sight.

    The Churchill 620 Tactical 20GA 3” pump action shotgun is purpose-built for home defense or as a police patrol shotgun. Outfitted with a standard stock and Picatinny receiver rail for optics or lights, extended tactical choke tube and ghost ring sight, the 18.5” shorter barreled shotgun is perfect for tight maneuvering. The polymer standard stock is are super durable no matter the conditions. Featuring a tactical crown muzzle brake. There is no need to get beat up with 12ga recoil today as there are many Tatical 20ga loads available.

    The Churchill 620 Home Defense 20GA 3” pump action shotgun was designed to work flawlessly as a home protection firearm, with it’s 18.5″ barrel maneuvering in tight situations becomes an easy task. Featuring a durable synthetic stock and forend, aluminum receiver, and a front fixed sight this pump-action will be ready to operate when needed. Out most budget-friendly shotgun from the Churchill Series

    Manufactured By Akkar
    Series CHURCHILL
    Model 620 Home/Tac
    Finish Black
    Purpose Home Defense, Hunting/Outdoors, Recreational Shooting, Tactical
    Choke Tube Mobil Choke Tube Thread

    There are two models available, the Akkar Churchill 620 Home Defense & the TAC.

    $249 BLUE/BLACK 741566904806 111200 20 GA 14.25″ 18.5″ 37.5″
    $319 BLUE/BLACK 741566904813 111210 20 GA 14.25″ 18.5″ 37.5″


    You can find the Akkar Churchill’s product page at EAA here.

    As usual, we’re curious what you think about the new products we have the pleasure to tell you about. Let us know in the comments below what you think about the pricing and a 20 Gauge versus a 12 Gauge shotgun?

    Eric B

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