POTD: Defensive Combat Shooting with MG5 and G36

    Photo Of The Day – Defensive Combat Shooting from the Panzergrenadier Battalion 122. We look at sergeant candidates in the Panzergrenadier Battalion 122, during their training in group defense. They are using the Maschinengewehr MG5 (HK121) and the standard-issue HK G36. 7,62 NATO and 5,56 NATO in a fine combination, but the G36 is soon in for a replacement. According to Wikipedia, the unit cost for the MG5 is 16,000 Euros.

    Below: The Panzerfaust 3 was designed and developed by Dynamit Nobel AG in the late 1970s into the mid-1980s. It entered service in 1992. It fausts Panzers!

    The Panzerfaust 3 weighs roughly 13 kilograms (28 lb 7 oz), but it’s a nice thing to have around for bunkers and tanks. The officer behind better watch out for the backblast.

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    All photos by German Bundeswehr in Bayern, PzGrenBtl122 Voerste.