Talon – Full Auto Safety Selector from Radian Weapons

    Full Auto Lever Talon

    Are you one of the lucky enough to own or have access to a full-auto M16 or M4 rifle? Do you use select fire ARs for duty? Tired of those janky feeling select fire safety selectors? Radian Weapons has a solution for you in the new full-auto capable Talon safety selector.

    It features the standard 0, 90, or 180-degree throw positions with a crisp tactile feel.


    From the Product Description:

    Talon-FA AR15 & AR10/SR25 – 2 Lever  

    The full auto Talon ambidextrous safety selector is designed for use in fully automatic lower receivers, and has a “Safe” 0 degree position, 90 degree “Semi Auto” position, and 180 degree “Full Auto” position.

    The Full Auto Talon features ergonomic levers that are attached using a precision-machined dovetail interface and spring-loaded retention studs to lock the levers in place – no screws to come loose or break.

    The left side long lever is permanently affixed to the steel selector shaft while the short lever can be removed using the supplied L shaped detent tool.

    The levers are machined from aircraft-grade aluminum with mil-spec Type III hard anodized finish.

    The left long lever is permanently affixed with a captured spring and detent, while the short right lever can be removed by depressing the spring and detent while sliding the lever off the dovetail cut in the cylinder.
    The levers are machined from aircraft grade aluminum and black anodized, while the center cylinder is machined from steel bar stock, and hardened with rust resistant Black Nitride.

    The price is $74.95 and you can find a direct link to the product here: https://radianweapons.com/accessories/talon/talon-fa

    The company is probably most famous for their Raptor Charging handles, a fairly basic but good upgrade for your AR15. My all-time favorite Radian Weapons product is still the Raptor Dictator Edition – 24K Gold Plated charging handle, unfortunately, it was sold out quickly.

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