POTD: Polish Snipers & Shooting Tactics – Bor Rifle

    Photo Of The Day – We’re in for a look at Polish snipers and some of their rifles & optics today. The Polish Bor Sniper Rifle isn’t something you see every day. TFB only covered this rifle briefly in previous articles. With these photos, you’ll get another chance to come closer to the Bor. 

    Bor is a 7.62mm NATO Sniper Rifle, with a bullpup design. As strange as this rifle may look, I actually like it. You will also see some of the 150 pcs of SAKO TRG M10s that Poland ordered, here out in the wild.

    Below: New meets old. A Polish Bor meets the SAKO TRG M10.

    Caption (machine translated)

    Shooting tactics
    How to be a perfect shooter? 15th Giżycko Mechanized Brigade preparing to act in various conditions. Soldiers practiced incl. secretive approach to the target, individual masking, determination of settings and work on weapons, and above all, conducting effective fire.

    The exercise took place at the Orzysz Ground Forces Training Center.

    A team of 15GBZ marksmen has been under way at the Orzysz Ground Forces Training Center last week. They improved the skills of a hidden approach, assessment of distance, observation and firing an accurate shot from a hidden fire position.

    The lead designer of the Bor rifle is Aleksander Leżucha.

    The scope looks like a Schmidt & Bender.


    All pictures from the 15th Giżycko Mechanized Brigade (Dawid Sofiński and Adrian Staszewski).


    Like I mentioned, I like the Bor rifle as it looks like function over form. What do you think? Please type down what you think below.