Concealed Carry Corner: Top 4 Sub Guns for The Corona Craziness

Matt E
by Matt E

With the majority of the United States and World either being shut down or a little more crazy than usual, it’s not a bad idea to carry a little more firepower. Now I know some of you only carry on the body with your favorite concealed carry handgun and that’s totally fine. Not everyone wants to carry a more capable gun in their backpack or concealed off body, but there are a few different guns that do a great job riding in a backpack concealed. Let’s take a look at the top 4 sub guns for concealed carry.

How To Carry a Sub Gun in Public

Carrying a gun inside a backpack is typically a controversial one, but with people becoming aggressive over simple items like toilet paper and bottled water, it’s important to be adaptable in crazy times. I have gotten two or three dozen messages about the best guns and ways to carry a larger gun in public. Typically for these guns, I will carry them in a single strap backpack or in a regular EDC type backpack like the FirstSpear Comms Pack I reviewed a few weeks ago or a couple different Vertx bags. It’s definitely possible and in uncertain times, it’s never a bad option to have different tools available for you if people start getting even crazier than they currently are right now.

Number 4 – The Kalashnikov USA KP9

I have been testing out the new Kalashnikov USA KP9 for the last couple of months and a full review is on its way. In short, this gun is a serious little sub-gun powerhouse with easy to use AK controls and a really nice triangle folding brace. Now, my particular example is SBRed, so it’s a bit different but SB Tactical announced a triangle brace for AK type weapons on the market. When that is released, it will open the flood gates for shooters to keep this little thumper in a backpack or locked up in a vehicle.

Out of all the guns on this list, the KP9 is probably the largest and clunkiest, but it feels like one of the simplest guns to use under stress. With the oversized safety lever and changing handle being identical to your typical AK, it’s easy to understand and use which definitely helps under stress. With the MSRP for the KP9 coming in at around $999.99, it is by far the cheapest option for a 9mm sub-gun option for people with limited budgets or people who want to get a solid gun and a ton of ammo to fight off the hordes of toilet paper people.

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Number 3 – H&K SP5K

I can’t bring up a list of sub guns without tipping my hat to Ze Germens at H&K. The MP5 is one of the most iconic sub guns out there and there’s a decent amount of shooters who know how to use these guns if you need help surviving against the dreaded toilet paper people. Now my version is the less desirable SP5K without the paddle release, but a standard SP5 that’s being imported now is a fantastic option to carry as a force multiplier.

The new SP5 models come from the factory just how they should have years ago with the paddle magazine release and all the other standard features on the MP5. Pair that up with one of the many great pistol braces available on the market and you have a great soft shooting roller delayed blowback 9mm. Not only is it extremely soft-shooting but the aftermarket support for MP5’s is extensive, to say the least. MSRP on this little firecracker will set you back $2,799.99 which is steep but you’ll get the real deal. If that’s too expensive, there’s always the Zenith or PTR MP5 clones that are really high quality.

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Number 2 – B&T – TP9

One of the smallest sub guns on the list is the extremely capable B&T TP9. If an UZI and a Glock ended up having a love child, it would be the TP9. This little blaster has a ton of rail space for optics and accessories. Along with the ample space for attachments, the TP9 has a really ergonomic control layout that’s simple to use and is by far the smallest package out of all the sub guns on this list. The overall size and weight of the TP9 is one of the best features since its nearly effortless to throw in a bag and go about your day.

A standard pistol is a great option but if you really want the full potential of the TP9, it really starts to shine with a stock and factory vert grip. If I had to pick a downside to the TP9, the trigger is a bit heavy and hard to predict, but its a great 9mm option for the overall size and weight of the gun. If I had to pick one 9mm sub-gun to carry daily, it would have to be the B&T TP9 for sure.

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Number 1 – The SIG Sauer MCX Rattler

Out of every sub-gun I have used, I don’t think there’s anything as capable as the SIG Sauer MCX Rattler. Being roughly the same size as the Kalashnikov KP9 but chambered in 300 Blackout. Having the ability to run supersonic or subsonic rounds depending on what the situation dictates is a big plus. Having a round that can have more flexibility is a great option and it’s built like an absolute tank. Granted that weight isn’t great when you’re hauling it around everywhere you go, but the extra weight is well worth the added capability of the Rattler. Using a 20 round magazine inside the gun and with one 30 round inside the bag is a great way to keep the system streamline while having plenty of firepower.

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Some may disagree with my choice for this list and that’s totally acceptable. I would love to hear your choices in the comments below. After speaking with other TFB writers, this was the four typical guns that came up and are some of our favorite. Let me know what your favorite sub gun to carry is in the comments below. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message on my Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there and stay tuned for more TFB articles daily.

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