TFB Review: RAVEN CRC 7R003, Ukrainian Remington 700 Chassis

    KRYK (pronounced “Crook” meaning; Raven) is a Ukrainian company making some pretty cool aftermarket options for firearms. (Check out their site here). TFB’s Doug E. has reviewed the same chassis for a Mosin, give it a read. I received the CRC 7R003 chassis for a Remington 700 from Raven. I was happy to see when my chassis arrived from the other side of the planet it was in excellent shape. The boxes were heavily abused however, everything was very well packaged and protected from the “handling”.

    Raven has created a beautiful Chasis

    Assembly was simple and commonsensical. Raven even provided all the necessary Allen wrenches. The initial assembly took less than 45 minutes. Everything appeared well thought out in the design. The CRC 7R003 accepts AR-style pistol grips as well as an AR-style buffer tube for the base of the shouldering assembly. My build here involved a heavy barrel in which the CRC 7R003 fit without a problem (the second time….. it always works better when using the correct screws). The mounting bolts screw into steel inserts, so there is no hesitation in torquing the bolts down.

    Fully assembled the chassis weighs in at a touch over four pounds



    The CRC 7R003 is built around an AR buffer tube. The butt of the stock has an adjustable rear pad for height adjustment. The adjustable shoulder height made the rifle a perfectly comfortable fit.  Adjustments for the length on the buffer tube are rather infinite. The four Allen bolts clamp it firmly in place. I adjusted it pretty far out the buffer tube because I have long arms, this allows me a little more comfort when behind it. The rifle fits me, not the other way around. The cheek rest has a good range of adjustment and is thick enough to provide a rigid (but comfortable) rest.

    This design allows an almost infinite range of adjustment sizes

    Cheek rest installed



    The receiver is made of milled 7075 Т651 aluminum. The milling was done with V-shaped bedding providing a consistent receiver to chassis contact.  It mounted my receiver with a solid surface to surface connection the full length of the receiver. The fit was perfect….like a glove. The CRC 7R003 takes AICS magazines and has no problem with any aftermarket triggers. I have AICS magazines from 3 different manufacturers and in my case, all worked without problems.

    The forend of the chassis caught my eye, it is machined to a flat, wide patterned bottom. The mounting bolts are recessed, providing a perfect surface to rest the rifle and comfortably fire. The area around the mag well has no thin areas or noticeable weak points in the design. Boogaloo ready!

    I am grooving on this chassis ( …see what I did there?)

    I appreciate the flat patterned texture of the foregrip

    Mag well area thick all the way around


    The octagonal free-floated M-Lok handguard is made of 6082 T6 Aluminium alloy. The end has a nice aesthetics cutaway. The handguard mounted my heavy barrel with plenty of room all-round. Raven is not cutting corners with a thinner handguard. Props to them! I see this throughout the chassis.
    The Raven CRC 7R003 is an excellent upgrade for me. This chassis completely changed my rifle. Crook knows shooting. If you go to their site (which I strongly recommend) you will see they are serious and have some rather innovative products. The AKM platform products are very impressive. (See here).

    The overall chassis is very impressive. The lines on the receiver are eye-catching. The looks are a very strong point in particular because it looks like it means business. There are no thin or weak points in the receiver, obviously, it will function long term. That flat wide front of the receiver is a great resting surface and a favorite point in my review.

    When I finally got out to the range for the first time with it (snow and cold made me cry for a week or two), I shot 1/4 MOA at 100 yards before going to 800yards. The free-floated handguard gives a very slight gong ring when fired, I loved that. Between the large area of adjustments within the design, and the design itself, the CRC 7R003 is a complete pleasure to shoot. Relaxing behind it comes naturally, the recoil is noticeably easier to tolerate, as a result, follow up shots are quicker and more natural.

    The CRC 7R003 is durable and comfortable. I could not find any cut corners in manufacturing. Although pretty light, when shooting it is very comfortable. I am very happy with the CRC 7R003 so obviously, I recommend it, and I am confident you will enjoy firing it. If you have a factory stock on your Remington, call up Raven.

    The setup in this review retails at around 600$. That is chassis and stock. There are equal Chassis out there for double that. “Go-git yourself one” (or two).

    Mike R

    Mike spent his entire adult life riding an ambulance throughout the Southwest US. He found humor in long in-depth philosophical conversations with crack heads and other urban street survivalists.

    His highest point was being invited to instruct for some “special” medics in the military. He spent almost 10 years there. A 30 year gun enthusiast, he started down the path of reloading to keep up with his desperate need of more ammo. Reloading is like medicine, you never stop learning.

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