EZLoad – New Magazine Pouch for Typhoon F12 & Derya M12 Shotguns

    EZLoad (United Kingdom) is introducing the EZMAG2 magazine pouch for Typhoon F12 and Derya M12 shotguns.

    They use a tough polymer to make the EZMAG2, and the design has magazine-specific cutouts to fit with Typhoon and Derya MK12 magazines.

    The magazines can be inserted facing forward or backwards, and it’s possible to rotate the pouch in multiple angles for optimal positioning.

    The pouch is compatible with various belt attachment systems, for instance, ELS or Tek-Lok.

    The pouches can be double stacked, which is something I haven’t seen for Shotgun magazines before.

    Just to remind you, shotgun magazines are quite different from other magazines due to the sheer size and weight of the ammunition. My Molot Vepr 12 magazine is close to 1 kilogram in weight, which is quite a lot to handle. In some stages, I start with 4 magazines around my waist.


    Typhoon F12 and Derya MK12 Magazine Pouch (€30)

    EZMAG2 is made out of tough polymer and has magazine specific cutouts for perfect fit with Typhoon and Derya MK12 magazines.

    Magazines can be rotated facing forwards or backwards and can tilted in multiple angles for optimal positioning.

    Full length flexible spacers can be compressed using six adjustment screws for desired pullout friction.

    Pouch is compatible with various belt attachment systems such as ELS and Tek-Lok and can be double stacked using a EZMAG2 double stack kit sold separately.

    There is also a Lowride belt attachment (see above) for €12.

    The EZMAG2 Comp Kit is €130.

    It includes 4 x EZMAG2, 3 x Standard Belt Attachments, 1 x Low Ride Belt Attachment and 1 x Double stack attachment kit. You can find it here.

    I haven’t seen these products in the flesh, but the design looks clever and rugged for competition use. Pricing seems to be fair as well.

    If you’re shooting a tube-fed Shotgun EZLoad has got you covered as well.

    Already in 2017 TFB wrote about their new self-adjusting shotgun rig: EZLOAD NXTGEN.

    Their NXTGEN2 Self Adjusting Rapid Loading Rig is out now as well.

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