Fight Germs at SHOT with the OCD: On-Demand Cleanliness Dispenser

Will P
by Will P
Henry Holsters’ OCD, or On-demand Cleanliness Dispenser.

SHOT Show is massive. Last year roughly 2,400 exhibitors showed up to cover 700,000 square feet of space (that equals about 12 football fields) at Las Vegas’ Sands Expo and Convention Center. They set up shop over approximately 12 miles of booth aisles and hauled in more than 7 million pounds of goods, including 15,000 firearms of all shapes and sizes. What draws so much attention every year? It’s the $8 billion firearms industry’s diehard fans and ambassadors attending this convention from all over the world – upwards of 60,000 such attendees in 2019! When you bring that many people into close proximity, one inexorable consequence is the spread of communicable disease.

SHOT Show crowds: a breeding ground for the SHOT plague.

As any seasoned SHOT Show veteran can attest, it is not at all unusual to come down with cold-and-flu-like symptoms commonly referred to as the “SHOT Show crud”, “SHOT Show flu”, or as one friend comically declared to me during my first year attending, “SHOT Show AIDS”. Fortunately, the Indiana-based holster-smiths over at Henry Holsters have come up with a tacti-cool tool to fight off those Vegas cooties (well, at least the airborne ones). If you’re going to SHOT 2020 this January 21st-24th and want to give your hands a sanitary boost on the show floor, try Henry Holsters’ OCD: On-demand Cleanliness Dispenser.

The OCD is available in a variety of colors to compliment all your cool-guy "sheepdog" t-shirts.

Made from Kydex-like Boltaron 4332 sheet material (Henry’s says they “prefer the workability and feel of Boltaron over Kydex”), the OCD is a convenient hand sanitizer lanyard. It features “HENRY HOLSTERS” emblazoned subtly and tastefully onto the OCD’s body and is finished with holster-grade hardware. The OCD perfectly fits a one-ounce mini-bottle of Purell hand sanitizer, ready to dispense germ-fighting gel at a moment’s notice. It comes in your choice of black, blue, OD green, red, coyote, or you can elect the “surprise me” option. The OCD’s official product description, from the Henry Holsters website, reads as follows:

Our On-demand Cleanliness Dispenser is a discreet yet durable accessory for the discerning every day carrier. The paracord lanyard can be worn around the neck, or used to tether the carrier into a bag or onto a belt. The OCD comes with a 1 oz container of Purell hand sanitizer. Carry guns, not germs.

"Nobody else has rubbed their grimy, unwashed paws all over this thing today, right?" -This guy, probably.

Spend some time practicing your draw from retention, and work on your Purell-squirting speed and accuracy drills before engaging in Vegas shenanigans later this month. Will a shot timer pick up the squeeze sound so you can show off your split times for the ‘Gram? Try it out and let us know! Although I can’t help with your liver, hopefully the OCD can otherwise help you stay relatively healthy in Sin City, or wherever else you may encounter disease-carrying crowds. See you at the range!

Photos courtesy of SHOT Show and Henry Holsters.
Will P
Will P

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  • Gary Kirk Gary Kirk on Jan 08, 2020

    Dude, there is a joke in here somewhere about poor "Will P" covering a hand cleaning device..

  • Master Blaster Master Blaster on Jan 09, 2020

    $20, you might as well carry lube instead, so it won't hurt as much when Henry Holsters bends you over. Besides a bottle of Purell, it should also come with a reach-around.