POTD: SHOT Show legends

    We are heading with lightning speed onto the 2019 edition of SHOT SHOW, in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

    This year’s edition of SHOT SHOW keeps the doors open between the 22:nd and the 25:th of January, and while I’ll be at home this year I know that the rest of the TFB staff will do their absolute best to cover everything for us.

    I am sure there will be tons of new interesting (and not so interesting) products released.

    Let’s roll the time back a year to when I managed to get a photo of two legends from the shooting industry. They weren’t on the booth together, so this was a short opportunity.

    The possibility to see or even say hello to people like Jerry Miculek and Rob Letham, and get a hat signed by both of them is just one of many reasons why you should visit SHOT Show.

    Shooting fully automatic into the desert of Nevada and ringing steel at 1,000 yards, spotting through the latest Schmidt & Bender 5-45 power scope guided by Canadian snipers are a few other reasons to visit the Range Day. A pretty good day in the Desert, to say the least.

    Then you meet your friends over a cold one in the evening, and only to get told they spent the day shooting a Minigun from the sunroof of a Hummer.

    OK, they won. But I still got my signed hat which is Today’s Photo of The Day.

    You can find Jerry’s homepage here.

    Rob Letham’s homepage here.

    SHOT Show 2019.