Freedom Munitions & X-Treme Bullets Are Now Under New Ownership

    Freedom Munitions & X-Treme Bullets has new owner

    The Freedom Munitions and X-Treme Bullets companies have both been purchased by Dan Kash after a lengthy bankruptcy process.  TFB reported about the initial bankruptcy filing by Freedom Munition’s parent company, HMT, in June of 2018.  In the video below, Dan explains his history in the firearms and ammunition business, he also explains that some of the employees have stayed on to continue and that they want to earn back your business.

    The following was from a Freedom munitions newsletter to announce their new ownership along with their desire to be competitive:

    After a very long Bankruptcy process, HMT Group (Freedom Munitions, Xtreme Bullets) has been purchased by Kash CA Inc. This purchase will allow Freedom Munitions and Xtreme Bullets the ability to re-invigorate the company with funding and new processes that will allow us to make the same great products while still being competitive in this current market.
    Please feel free to check out our new lower pricing on ammunition on Freedom Munitions and soon to be lower component pricing on Xtreme Bullets.
    If you have any questions or want to know more give us a call at
    The Fear and Loading YouTube channel posted a video from 2015 showing photos from a factory tour at Freedom Munitions’ facility.  Since it’s mainly a photo essay video, you don’t get the complete process of their cartridge assembly, but there are some glimpses of the facility itself if you’re interested in watching it HERE.
    You can check out Freedom Munitions’ website HERE, as well as their Facebook page and Instagram account. You can view X-Treme Bullets’ website HERE, and their Instagram and Facebook pages.
    For those that have used Freedom Munitions and X-Treme Bullets, will you continue to do business with them under their new owner, Dan Kash?  For those that haven’t done business with them, are you considering giving them a try?  Let us know in the comments section.


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