Rifle World Shoot 2019 Sweden – Part III

    Over a period of time, we’ll be sharing pictures, results and stories from Rifle World Shoot 2019.

    All the pictures are courtesy of Chris Jonkers of Studio BOJO.

    Above you can see Jojo Vidanes from USA’s Semi-Auto Open Senior Team, as he’s doing his best to run away from the Range Officer in one of the 30 stages. Jojo finished first in Russia in 2017, and came in on the second position in Sweden this year at 89% of Ernest Nagy (SVK). Jojo is a great shooter, who brings his family to the matches. Notice his sight!

    The Rifle World Shoot 2019 was another kind of experience. There’s an amazing landscape, a lot of the Range Officers did over 25-30,000 steps daily. None of the stages had berms, and bikes and motorbikes had to be used for scoring due to the distances.

    Below: Further to the north we have the North Pole. To the left we have Norway and to the right – Finland. A perfect spot for those Kodak moments.

    Amazing surroundings! Thanks a lot to the Swedish Army for letting sports shooters use their shooting area.

    From the invitation:

    On behalf of Svenska Dynamiska Sportskytteförbundet (IPSC Sweden) it is a privilege and an honour to welcome competitors from all over the world to the 2019 IPSC Rifle World Championship.
    Our ambition as Championship host is to provide our visiting athletes with high level sport shooting challenges within a well functioning organisation.
    We wish to extend our warm hospitality to our guests and hope you will experience maximum comfort during your stay in Sweden.

    Roland Dahlman,
    Match Director

    Below: Magnus Gustavsson of the Swedish Semi Auto Open Team trying to find the sweet spot at stage 4.

    Below: AR15 rifles do not have to be black. Here we can see the Swedish & American ladies options.

    Below: Lanny Barnes with her patriot rifle on stage 6. Lanny was on the team and finished third among the ladies.

    She is also a top competitor in Biathlon World Championships as well as the Olympics! Check it out here.

    Below: One of the sweet spots on stage 4.

    Below: To the best of my knowledge this is Timothy Yackley, the best US shooter overall who finished sixth with 92.38% on the winner Jarkko Laukia from Finland.

    Below: A lot of work had been done to make good stages out in the forest. Here you can see the best Swedish Shooter Olle Ackehed who finished 5th. In Russia, he finished 4th overall, so keeping his position pretty well.

    38 countries were represented at World Shoot Rifle with over 600 participants.

    Please visit https://rws2019.com/ for information.

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. TCCC Certified medic.