Sweden to host the IPSC Rifle World Championship 2019

    The European Rifle Championship becomes the IPSC Rifle World Championship 2019.

    After the devastating forest fires that forced IPSC Sweden to cancel the European Rifle Championship there is now some good news on the horizon.

    In the recent vote at the IPSC General Assembly Sweden won the bid for the Rifle World Championship.

    The event will take place in Alfred Nobel’s Karlskoga between 3 – 10 August 2019, so if you want to participate you should start planning already now.

    Swedish Shooter with his JP Rifles CTR-02 at Swedish Nationals for IPSC Rifle at Remmene.

    Russia hosted the first Rifle World Shoot 2017, an event of massive proportions, that will surely be hard to beat.


    It’s a great opportunity for the shooting sports. The World Championship in dynamic sports rifle will be one of the biggest shooting competitions held in Sweden in recent years. The championship is expected to gather around 750 competitors from around the World. We also have several Swedes who have the chance to join the medals,” said Roland Dahlman, chairman of the Swedish dynamic sports shooting association, in a press release.

    A letter sent out before the decision explaining the situation:

    Dear Friends,
    Thank you for your patience.
    When the Government stopped the match due to forest fires the ERC organization ended up in a squeezed spot financially.
    Sponsors and shooters wish to have money back while bills for the preparation of the
    match needs to be paid. However the ERC Team can reuse many of the costs taken if the ERC can be changed to a new date. IPSC Sweden has therefore suggested to the IPSC Executive Council to be allowed to postpone the match to 2019.
    The IPSC Executive Council has decided to allow postponement to 2019 and also sent back the suggestion that the match be upgraded to a Level V, subject to the approval of IPSC Sweden and of the General Assembl. In response the Board of IPSC Sweden yesterday decided to bid for Rifle World Shoot II at the 2019 GA
    We are working hard to make Sweden accept the EU firearms passport.
    Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. We hope the General Assembly will support
    our bid for the next Rifle World Shoot and look forward to being host to you in 2019.
    Roland Dahlman
    Match Director ERC2018
    To keep you updated, please find the RWS 2019 Facebook group here.
    You can find IPSC Sweden here.
    Below: SIG MPX in 9×19 mm. Not enough for the shooting distances expected at the World Rifle Shoot Sweden.

    Hope to see you next year in Sweden! The World’s Best Dynamic Rifle shooters are going to be there, and you can compete against the owner of the PEW PEW Mustang.


    UPDATE: The new website for the Rifle World Shoot 2019 Sweden is: https://rws2019.com

    Eric B

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