Rifle World Shoot 2019 Sweden – Part I

    The World Championship in IPSC Rifle 2019 was a great match and a huge success.

    Imagine 30 stages deep into a beautiful forest in Sweden, with not a single berm in sight. At least one stage included shooting “D Max” (distance maximum) at targets up in the (mostly) blue sky.

    Depending on your caliber the bullets are going to fly almost 3 miles beyond the paper target before they hit the ground. Pretty spectacular and not something that is offered every day, especially not in Central Europe or even in the USA.

    Over a period of time, we are going to share pictures, results and stories from Rifle World Shoot 2019.

    All the pictures are courtesy of Chris Jonkers of Studio BOJO.

    History and background: Sweden to host the IPSC Rifle World Championship 2019

    Below: The infamous “moose”. Shooting from there was far from easy. I wonder if anyone managed to get all Alpha hits or not?

    38 countries were represented at World Shoot Rifle with over 600 participants. The USA had about 35 of its top shooters in the competition.

    To our knowledge, this is the largest international shooting competition ever in Sweden. The match director was Roland Dahlman of IPSC Sweden.

    Below: There were a few junior shooters in the match as well.

    Below: The US and Russian Ladies Team together. This was a pretty tricky stage, with mini targets out to 70 – 80 yards in the forest. The A zone, to get maximum points, is about the size of a fist so shooters do their best to find support instead of shooting offhand. You have to stay on or inside the red charge lines, so shooting with a high bipod was pretty tricky.

    To be able to score these IPSC Mini targets they had to be on a lever. This is the Distance Max stage everyone talked about.

    Lena Miculek (USA) on stage 4. She finished second in the ladies after a hard battle.

    Below: A long course, with targets from 6 to 325 meters. Of course, you had to run 30-40 meters to see the targets furthest away. There were also a few steel targets out in the terrain, so much fun. A great combination of “run ‘n gun” and long-range precision.

    One of the few no-shoot targets to the right (the brown paper).

    All the moves from the top shooter are popular to document.

    In the ladies, there is a new World Champion called Ashley Rheuark (USA). At the previous IPSC World Shoot in Russia 2018 Lena Miculek won, and this year it was a race to the last bullet.

    On one of my free days, I followed the USA and Russian Ladies team, and it was a joy to see them compete.

    Results: Ladies Category

    Rheuark, Ashley USA

    Miculek, Lena USA

    Barnes, Lanny USA

    Overland, Dakota USA

    Sveshnikova, Maria RUS

    Pilipenko, Iulianna RUS

    Yackley, Rebecca USA

    Leetsi, Lilian FIN

    Samuelsen, Elly NOR

    Clerte, Pia SWE

    Mulstad, Ann-Kathrin NOR

    Check the full list of results here: https://rws2019.com/the-match/results/

    Below: Some video action from one of the US Top shooters.


    You can find a pdf with a description of all the stages here. They include some of the most challenging stages I have ever shot in my life.

    The Rifle World Championships are held once every three years. We are proud to host this year’s Championship where the world’s best dynamic rifle sport shooters compete for medals and fame

    IPSC Rifle World Shoot Homepage: https://rws2019.com/

    Eric B

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