TFB Reader Pushes the Limits of 19th Century Firearms Technology

    In an unprecedented effort to destroy everything that is sacred within the firearms community, reader Stubbs (now going by the name “Violator of Mosins”) has done it yet again. Our very own amateur gunsmith, Stubbs has managed to wrangle a Mosin Nagant M91/30 into one of his most depraved of firearms modifications. Once again, he has pushed the envelope on what we thought was possible with antiquated Russian rifles. Thankfully, Sergei Mosin himself is not here to witness this atrocity against his legacy. If he were, he’d likely spin himself a new grave clear through to China and back.

    Folded Mosin

    Oh dear god, he’s done it again.

    I was able to get an inside look at the deranged machinations that led to this god of garbage rods. The Master of Malicious Mosins. This crapshoot started with your run of the mill Mosin Nagant M91/30 and turned into something that only Satan himself could love.

    Behold, a weapon to surpass Metal Gear:

    Mosin with Ammo pouches

    For a scant $70 Stubbs was able to purchase the base of his abomination. A previous owner had already sporterized the Mosin. Stubbs got to work by first purchasing parts for the shorter carbine version of the Mosin Nagant, the M44. Purchasing a duffel cut M44 forend stub and a broken top handguard off of eBay. Then, in an act of savage disregard for all that is sacred in the world, Stubbs attached a Clearview Investment Hungarian AMD65 stock cover via a wire stock and trunion. In this act of madness, Stubbs had created what may be the world’s first Folding stock Mosin Nagant.

    Folding Stock Trunion

    The main focus of this rifle is its folding stock. The stock is butted right up against the receiver it also serves as the grip.

    He didn’t stop with the stock, additionally, he proceeded to add a Strike Industries Cookie Cutter muzzle brake to it. Once again Stubbs has eternally blurred the lines between insanity and prudence but let’s not pretend this will be his last foray into wacky modifications.

    Cookie Cutter Brake and Ammo

    M60 bag and Folded Rifle

    The Folded rifle fits neatly into this M60 Spare Barrel Bag

    Firing this gun feels like getting hit with a sopping wet mattress,
    you can feel it in your teeth and it will make your nose bleed.

    The grey ammunition is east German border wall low velocity
    Which I am hoping can make it safe to fire on an indoor range.

    The rifle is under 26″ folded so illegal to do in some states.

    Also, the rifle can be only fired left-handed.


    Stubbs has yet again managed to construct another interesting firearm, albeit, one that goes against everything firearms designers have worked towards for the past 100 years.

    Please feel free to voice your comments and concerns below. If you’d like to personally yell at Stubbs for creating this abomination, you can join our Discord channel. If you would like an invite to the TFBTV chat, click here.

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