TFB TV: How a Mosin-Nagant PU Sniper Mount Works

    Mosin-Nagant sniper rifles, both real and fake, are the most common WW2-era sniper rifles on the market – and you can even buy cheap mounts and repro PU scopes to convert any Mosin-Nagant to a fake sniper!

    But how do the mounts work? How can you set them up to get the best out of them so that you don’t have a bad time? Mike (aka Bloke on the Range) takes a look.

    Guns in this Video:

    Hungarian M48 Mosin Nagant PU Sniper 7.62x54R

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    Mike B

    Mike was lucky enough to go to a school with a 25 yard smallbore range, only 25 minutes from the centre of British shooting at Bisley, and had a firearms certificate before he had a driver’s license. Moving to a more gun-friendly country has allowed him to service his milsurp habit. He lives up in the mountains in Switzerland and vlogs at YouTube as Bloke on the Range. He can be reached at [email protected]