This Reader’s Gun is a Crime Against Humanity and Represents Everything That’s Wrong in the World

    There’s a lot you can tell about a person by their firearm choices. For example, if a guy carries an Interarms import Walther PPK or an H&K P7, he’s probably a well-heeled shooter and maybe a little of a Bond or Hans Gruber fan. If he carries a revolver, he’s likely an older gent who doesn’t trust those “newfangled” autoloaders. If he’s a Taurus owner, then you know to not leave him unattended with lengths of copper wire or other valuable scrap metals. And, with this build, I can tell that TFB reader and Discord* user “Stubbs,” also known as the “Destroyer of Warranties” in the TFBTV chat room, is an unhinged man, barely able to participate in a modern, civilized society. I’m not Sherlock Holmes, but when you realize that someone actually owns this gun:

    Then you know that thisthis is a man who will orchestrate an elaborate scheme to inject himself in your life through concocting a seemingly normal situational relationship with you that develops into a friendship until he drugs you, removes your face skin with a sheetrock joint compound knife, and wears it like a mask.

    Look upon this unholy abomination if you’ve made it this far and tell me you don’t agree:


    I know what you are thinking – “what in the hell is that?” We will let Stubbs tell you in his own words:

    It’s called the “Zwitter”, which means “hybrid” in German, but the word is also used with a negative connotation to mean “hermaphrodite.”

    The receiver is a one-off that I made, using AK grips of course. It uses a standard AR15 upper, bolt, barrel nut, charging handle, and magazine.

    That’s where the normalcy stops.

    It’s a .300 Blackout. The 10.5″ barrel has a Strike Industries Cookie-Cutter pinned and welded, and the muzzle device holds the handguards in place. It uses a pistol length gas system, which is under the handguard.

    The sight is a Truglo Triton, specifically chosen for its aesthetic value. The buffer tube has a steel cap welded on, and a CAA cheek weld/storage compartment pinned to it.

    I have been kicked off several ranges for shooting this gun.


    In any event, I’m kidding about Ol’ Stubbs. He’s a great guy (I mean…he seems like a great guy so far) and a valued member of the TFB Discord community. Stubbs, thanks for sending this revolting dumpster fire of a gun in.

    Can’t wait to see the comments on this one. Sound off below.

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