Swedish Ordnance: Speedloaders for MP5, G3 and AR15

    Last year, we shared a lot of pictures from Swedish Ordnance and their showcase at EnforceTac in Germany. (TFB: Swedish Ordnance at EnforceTac 2018)

    They have now developed a speed loader for HK MP5 and G3 magazines, as well as AR15/M16/M4/STANAG magazines.

    I have seen a prototype of their G3 Speed Loader earlier this year, but have not yet tried it. I have to say I am very impressed by the speed you can load the magazines, as can be seen in the videos below.

    Perhaps it takes some skill to master, but it is really quick. One word advice however, to avoid jams, is not to top fill your magazines with 20 or 30 rounds.

    From Swedish Ordnance’s description: 

    Speed loader for G3 allows you to fill the magazine within seconds. The clip holds 20 rounds, and are easy to put into the filler and with the handle you fill the magazine very fast and easily.

    G3 Technical Specification

    Item no: SP 1903

    Length: 94 mm

    Width:   43 mm

    Height:  130 mm

    Weight:  150 gr

    Material: Plastic/metal

    Color: Matte black or as required

    Patent Pending

    Here’s some video of G3 Speedloader:

    M16 Technical Specification:

    Speed loader for M16, AR15, M4 stanag magazine, allows you to fill the magazine  within seconds

    Item no: SP 1902

    Length: 78 mm

    Width:   34 mm

    Height:  156 mm

    Weight:  110 gr

    Material: Plastic/metal

    Color: Matte black or as required

    Patent Pending

    Video of the 5,56×45 mm Speedloader in action:

    There is also an HK MP5 Speed Loader, more information here.

    I do not have any information about pricing and availability, and haven’t seen these products available around yet. If you are interested the safest bet, so far, is to contact the company directly.

    For sure it would make sense for some individual shooters to use a speedloader, especially depending on which type of magazine you’re filling up. But I see a much larger use with Law Enforcment and Military Training and other similar training courses.

    Eric B

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