Swedish Ordnance at EnforceTac 2018

    Swedish Ordnance is a small company outside Stockholm, Sweden.

    Below you can find a variety of their products and upgrades that will be on display at EnforceTac 2018 in Germany.

    This is pretty cute, a scale model of the H2 Browning.

    The Swedish Ordnance universal feedplate for the Swedish version of FN MAG enables the gunner to use DM-1 linked, M13 linked, DM-6 linked and KSPBAND58 linked 7,62x51mm ammunition from a standard weapon (KSP-58 / KSP-58B) that today only fires from the old Swedish link belts “KSPBAND58”. 

    We strongly advice you to upgrade your 20th century high quality Swedish FN MAGs with this feature making it ready for the 21st century challenges.

     Removing the original feedplate and replacing it with the Swedish Ordnance universal feedplate is an operation that takes only minutes, it can even be performed with a minimum of tools under field conditions.

    You can see it in action here. Don’t we all love machine guns in full auto?

    Swedish Ordnance Ksp M/58 New feed plate


    Flexible feed chute adapter

    Notice the belt that goes into the backback. You can check it out here.

    Below: Their upgrade system for the HK G3, Ak4. Their Buttstock frame is called ST1502, produced in heat treated and anodized aluminum.

    The bottom side of the ST1502 has a rail with six positions, to allow the buttstock to be adjusted for six different positions. The positioning of the track can be adjusted according to customer’s request and it can be marked with the customer’s information if needed.

    The ST1502 should fit into most original G3 Backplates (including the Swedish Ak4) without any need for adjustments. The change between buttstocks should be done within about 5 minutes per firearm.

    Upgrade your G3 rifle in seconds, with the NATO rail adapter inserted in the bayonet mount your are able to put bi pod, lamp. laser pointer or which else NATO railed prepared accessories needed. Adapter goes directly over the flash hider.  Put the Swedish Ordnance butt-stock in position and you have a totally new weapon to very low cost.

    As you can see, they used the Magpul CTR MIL Spec buttstock to the ST1502. This gives  a 4 mm higher buttstock position than the old original plastic buttstock, so it can be used with red dot sight and other optical sights.

    HK G3 / Ak4 upgrades.

    Zoomed in

    Here you can see a variety of flash hiders. According to Swedish Ordnance their flash hider reduces the muzzle flash to near nothing on the Browning M2 HMG.

    They also have flash hiders for the NSV, DShK-M and the M240 / KSP 58 in 7,62×51 NATO.

    Pintle mount for the M2 Heavy Machine Gun.

    All pictures by the author.

    Please note that their products are only for sale to Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies. Any export is only possible after receipt of certificate of end user (CEU) and granted export permit from the Swedish inspection of strategic products (ISP).

    Swedish Ordnance will be exhibiting at Enforce TAC in Nurnberg Germany 7-8 March 2018.

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