Accuracy Testing with the B&T Less Lethal Launcher LDB40 (GL06)

    To follow up on the article where the Swiss company B&T defended their GL06 Grenade Launcher (Swiss B&T defends its GL06 Grenade Launcher) we take a look at an accuracy testing video done by them to show the potential.

    From the B&T (Switzerland) homepage, to accompany the top picture in this article. (Source):

    Accuracy of the less lethal launcher GL06 with SIR munition

    Some media outlets have claimed that the GL06 is imprecise. Please click the link below to view a short video that clearly demonstrates the capabilities of the GL06

    You can find the video below as a reference. To do a 7 cm (about 2.8″) group with five rounds in this weapon system is a great result I think.

    A few years ago, in 2015 at B&T Police & Military Days I got to shoot the B&T GL06 Launcher with a 9 mm training system. I was surprised by how accurate the launcher was. The distance was only about 30-40 yards, but it was possible to pinpoint the targets exactly where I wanted, and much easier than by a handgun for instance. The stock and the Aimpoint really helped with the aim and to make a steady shot. I don’t remember the trigger pull, which probably means it wasn’t terrible or causing me to miss.

    Below is a picture from the event. Just looking at the design I’m perplexed that such accuracy can be achieved, but doing and seeing is believing. The barrel length is only 280 mm (11″), so it’s very compact.

    Below is a video from B&T AG Switzerland showing how the accuracy testing was done.

    The B&T less lethal launcher LDB40 (GL06), together with the SIR munitions manufactured by B&T, is a precise and effective product that comes with little risk of a miss.

    Here you can find some more details about the B&T launcher GL06 cal. 40mm (B&T Link)

    The GL06 is not only the most accurate 40 mm LL-launcher on the market, it’s also very light, ergonomic and fast to shoot. The SIR ammunition family offers a total of 10 effective kinetic energy or irritant cartridges.

    In 2018 the Department of Homeland Security ordered 329 pcs. of B&T GL06 40 mm grenade launchers.

    In conjunction with the last article on this matter, B&T USA made a statement which can be found at the end of that article (link).

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