SILENCER SATURDAY #70: Your NRA 2019 Suppressor Guide

    NRA 2019 suppressor guide

    Good afternoon everyone and thank you for joining us once again for TFB’s Silencer Saturday. Today we are coming to you live from the floor of the 2019 NRA Annual Meeting and convention in Indianapolis, IN. While there is no industry range day like the SHOT Show, before the NRAAM opened, Adam Scepaniak from TFB and Joel Wise from TFBTV attended a suppressor shoot hosted by the American Suppressor Association. I’ve linked up their experiences in the articles below.

    It’s almost impossible to talk about the NRA without brushing up against the political world. And while I am no longer a member, I do wish the organization as a whole would better support the silencer industry and the efforts of manufacturers to promote the acquisition and use of suppressors throughout the the shooting community. Even though we have seen a dramatic spike in individual ownership in the last 5-10 years, we still have plenty of room for growth.

    Events sponsored by the NRA are perfect opportunities to introduce shooters to the joys of shooting (relatively) quietly. Imagine Appleseed shoots that use suppressed .22lr rifles allowing for better instruction on the line. Dustin Ellermann from Top Shot fame does something similar with his shooting camp for kids using Bowers Group silencers.

    Point being, as impossible as it may seem, we need to be pushing harder for the deregulation of silencers. The fact that we are forced to pay $200 and wait up to a year to accept ownership of a suppressor is appalling.

    Moving on. We spent some time in the Silencer Shop booth where many of the manufacturers were educating potential owners on the process to buy and transfer suppressors.

    Triarc Systems (title image above) was on hand to talk about their Dead Air AR15 collaboration. The rifle is perfectly tuned to us the Sandman K or Sandman S suppressors. They are being sold directly from Triarc as well as from Silencer Shop with the option to add a Dead Air silencer at the time of purchase.

    In partnership with Dead Air Silencers, we at TRIARC Systems are proud to announce the Signature Series Dead Air rifle!  Using our 13.9″ TRACK 2.0 5.56mm barrel with a pinned and welded Dead Air Flash Hider meeting the 16″ overall length ATF requirement, you will have a suppressor ready rifle right out of the box that will perfectly complement your choice of the Dead Air Sandman-K, Sandman-S, or NOMAD suppressor!

    The rifle is also fitted with an Enhanced TRIARC Systems BCG with an NP3 coating, CMC 3.5 lb flat faced trigger, ambidextrous magazine release, as well as a Radian Talon ambidextrous short throw safety selector.  All of these accompanied by our TRILOK 13″ rail give you a perfect suppressor ready rifle, ready to go, right out of the box!

    • Barrel: Features a 13.9″ TRACK 2.0 barrel with mid length gas system with a pinned and welded Dead Air Flash Hider ( 16″ Overall Length )
    • Upper/Lower: Mil-Spec Forged Upper / Lower receiver set with matching serial numbers
    • BCG: TRIARC NP3 Coated Enhanced Bolt Carrier w/ Enhanced 5 Coil Extractor Spring
    • Trigger: CMC Flat 3.5 lb
    • Rail: TRILOK 13″
    • Gas Block: TRIARC Systems Low Profile Gas Block (Pinned)
    • Charging Handle: Radian Raptor SD Ambidextrous Charging Handle
    • Stock/Grip: Magpul SL-K stock w/ Reptilia grip
    • Receiver: Mil-Spec 6 posistion receiver extension
    • Buffer Spring: Spring Co enhanced rifle buffer spring
    • Safety: Radian Ambidextrous Safety
    • Muzzle Device: Dead Air Flash Hider
    • Bolt Catch/Release: Milspec Bolt Catch/Release
    • MSRP: $2,199

    The Dead Air Odessa-9 on a Flux Brace equipped GLOCK is an awesome little package.

    Mike Pappas is on hand to personally assist with customer questions.

    SILENCER SATURDAY #70: Your Suppressor Guide To NRA 2019

    If you are wandering the NRAAM floor today, stop in to see these manufacturers:

    Silencer Shop – Booth 1101 – SID Kiosk – Fingerprints for paperless ATF Form submissions – (Elliot, Jen, Mike or any of the other staff can help you out).

    Also in the Silencer Shop Booth:

    • Dead Air Armament – Odessa 9, GLOCK, Flux Brace (Meet Mike “Honey Bun” Pappas)
    • Griffin Armament – EXPLORR 7.62 (Evan and Austin on deck)
    • Rugged Suppressors – Radiant 7.62 (Ask for Zack or Heath)
    • Yankee Hill Machine – Turbo K (Ask for Kevin, also try their booth at 7145)

    Sig Sauer – Booth 3912 (Ask for silencer wizard John Hollister)

    Innovative Arms – Booth 1107 (Great Father/Son team)

    Thompson Machine – Booth 2947 (Brooks and Richard are a riot)

    Energetic Armament – Booth 5666 (Karl and Steve are awesome)

    Gunwerks – Booth 3263

    Tactical Solutions  – Booth 7855 (Ask for Keith)

    TBA Suppressors – Booth 7272 (Ask for Todd)

    OSS Suppressors – Booth 1013 (Ask for Randy)

    Have a great week, be safe and have fun.

    Published on Apr 27, 2019 – TFBTV

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