SILENCER SATURDAY #69: CZUSA Rimfire Suppressors

    Czusa Rimfire suppressors

    Good afternoon friends and welcome to our latest edition of Silencer Saturday, where all your suppressor dreams come true – well, except for faster tax stamps and over-the-counter NFA purchases. Looking at the episode number of today’s article and the title image, I can’t help but think that I missed a gloriously inappropriate innuendo opportunity. It’s probably for the best. On today’s 69th edition we bring you an initial look at the CZUSA rimfire suppressors and their unique baffle features. Time allowing, I’ll follow up with additional information after shooting a few thousand rounds.

    SILENCER SATURDAY #69: CZUSA Rimfire Suppressors

    SILENCER SATURDAY #69: CZUSA Rimfire Suppressors

    A few weeks ago we had a chance to handle CZUSA’s centerfire reflex suppressor that impressed me in terms of weight, modularity and suppression. And like its larger kin, CZUSA rimfire suppressors have some unique characteristics not found in other modern models. But do these features equate to overall performance? Let’s take a look.

    SILENCER SATURDAY #69: CZUSA Rimfire Suppressors

    CZUSA Rimfire Suppressors – Specifications

    • Product Name CZ Rimfire
    • SKU 90503
    • MSRP $339.00
    • Weight 2.5 oz.
    • Diameter 0.866 in.
    • Overall Length 6.9 in.
    • Distributors: Lipsey’s

    Simplicity. With the same thread-in baffle system as the Integral suppressor, the CZ Rimfire is built to blend into the heavy cylindrical barrels of our 455 Varmint line, with a 0.866” diameter and a 6.9” length.

    The same tuneable baffle system allows users to set the baffles to factory specs, or choose their own depths chasing just the right spacing for the load they prefer to use. Able to be easily taken apart for cleaning, the Rimfire can be used on any rimfire round under .224 in diameter, including 17 HMR, 22 WMR and even 17 WSM. Due to the dirty nature of rimfire ammunition, cleaning every 300 rounds is recommended.

    SILENCER SATURDAY #69: CZUSA Rimfire Suppressors

    With a .87 inch diameter and a weight around 2.5 ounces, the CZUSA “Little Bird” is the Kate Moss of the rimfire silencer world. With a presence that is less than a permanent marker, it almost seems impossible that the Little Bird can keep pace with some of the larger contenders on the market.

    While the CZUSA rimfire suppressor is made out of aluminum, which can be a non-starter for some buyers, it promises a nearly self-cleaning feature without the need for harsh chemicals or ultrasonic cleaners that aren’t compatible with aluminum.

    Above, the end cap of the Little Bird unscrews similar to those in other traditional user-maintained suppressors.

    SILENCER SATURDAY #69: CZUSA Rimfire Suppressors

    However, the rest of the baffles are where we depart from tradition. Rather than pressed in, click together baffles or shielded monocore designs, the CZUSA rimfire baffles are threaded to be screwed into the outer tube one at a time. The threads are designed with cutouts that slice through lead and powder buildup that cleans as it is disassembled and reassembled. As concerning as the design is at first glance, I love the out-of-the-box engineering.

    SILENCER SATURDAY #69: CZUSA Rimfire Suppressors

    The disassembly tool has six prongs that fit into both the end cap and each of the four remaining baffles. As new, the baffles unscrew with ease. But as the internals get caked with debris, the bolt head end can be chucked into a drill and (carefully) used to unscrew the baffles that will cut through the deposits. The takedown tool is also notched with the recommended depths for each baffle. While the user can stick with the recommended baffle settings, you can also experiment with different configurations – smaller/larger blast chamber, baffle distances or removing baffles all together. Pretty neat.

    A word of caution: it may be tempting to use a vise or clamp to hold the tube while unscrewing the baffles, but too much force applied unevenly could crush your Kate Moss rimfire silencer.

    The four baffles are clipped for efficiency of fluid dynamics (he said in his most official mechanical engineer voice).

    Getting the disassembly tool to seat in the six points of the baffle was easy, almost like fitting a screwdriver onto the head of a screw.

    Besides cleaning after a heavy buildup of deposits, my only remaining concern was the fact that baffle alignment will be slightly different after each disassembly, meaning that the point of impact may be slightly different.

    Czusa Rimfire suppressors

    A Little Bird baffle perched on the disassembly tool.

    Czusa Rimfire suppressors

    A close up of the debris-cutting baffle threads.

    Shooting CZUSA Rimfire Suppressors

    • Rifle Host: CZUSA CZ455 In 22LR 
    • Pistol Host: Ruger MKII with Tactical Solutions barrel/upper 
    • Control Silencer: SilencerCo Warlock
    • Ammunition: CCI Quiet; Gemtech Suppressor 

    Before we begin, it is important to note that I am extra critical on rimfire suppressor performance. Most buyers of rimfire silencers are chasing decibels and are looking for the best possible results for their money. So while I may be lenient with small differences in perceived decibel fluctuations on centerfire suppressors, rimfire silencers don’t get the same pass. I wish I still had a decibel meter at my disposal for a more scientific analysis, but I’m working on getting one back in-house for future tests

    Let’s start with the initial shot: I didn’t notice any first round pop on either the rifle or pistol host. The report did not differ much from round one to round three and four.

    Each shot on the CZ455 rifle using CCI Quiet was amazingly stealthy. On an outdoor range or in your backyard, you’d be hard pressed to notice a difference between shooting the CZUSA rimfire Little Bird and cracking an Easter Egg. I’d rank the CZ silencer among the top performers of all rimfire cans I’ve ever shot.

    On the Ruger MKII/TacSol pistol host, the CZ rimfire was only slightly louder than than the SiCo Warlock. Almost imperceptibly so. If I had to guess, I’d say the longer length doesn’t overcome the smaller diameter. However, the Little Bird was still very quiet using the Gemtech Subsonic Ammunition.


    For a sub $300 street price, this sleek, lightweight rimfire silencer seems like an awesome option. However, if you are concerned about maintenance, give me a few weeks to put about two thousand rounds through the CZUSA rimfire silencer Little Bird to see if the baffles still unscrew reliably. I’ll report back with my observations.

    Thanks for reading TFB’s Silencer Saturday, be safe, have fun and we’ll see you next week.

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