POTD: Five Generations of GLOCK 17 Pistols

    POTD - Five Generations of GLOCK Pistols

    Today’s Photo Of The Day was found on Glock’s social media pages. The pistols standing in a formation show the evolution of the iconic Glock 17 from Gen1 (far left) to Gen5. They may look very similar but there are certain appearance differences that can help you quickly and easily distinguish the different generations of G17 pistols. Let’s take a look.

    Gen1 – The first generation Glocks have a stippling-like pattern all around the grip. There is only one pin above the trigger and the frame lacks an accessory rail.

    Gen2 – The second generation is similar to the first one in that it has no frame rail and one pin above the trigger. The most distinctive visual difference from Gen1 is the checkering pattern on the grip. Gen 2 has the so-called “Grenade” checkering on the front and back straps of the frame.

    Gen3 – The third generation has a substantially redesigned frame with added finger grooves, thumb rest and accessory rail. You can also see the third, locking block pin above the trigger pin.

    Gen4 – Starting from the fourth generation, the slides of G17 pistols are actually marked with the generation. The frame still has finger grooves but a different checkering pattern. It also features interchangeable backstraps (note the two lines going along the backstraps) as well as an enlarged magazine release button that can be switched to the left side. These pistols also have a locking block pin.

    Gen5 – The latest generation of Glock pistols have ambidextrous slide release levers, semicircular cutout at the front of the magazine well, no finger grooves on the grip and no locking block pin above the trigger pin. The muzzle end of the slide is also beveled.

    There are many more differences between the generations of Glock pistols than those described above, however, the above list will let you quickly tell which generation you are looking at.

    Do you own all the generations of Glock pistols? Share the photos of your collection in the comments section!


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