POTD: Brazil at World Shoot Shotgun

    Today’s Photo takes us back to the IPSC Shotgun World Shoot last summer.

    The World Shoot took place in France and the Open division was won by Josh Froelich, who we had an exclusive interview with.

    Below you can see some of the shooting challenges that occurred in one of the stages. The shooter only has a small area to move within, and there are targets which mean that you have to lean out on either your weak or strong side or both, depending on your plan.

    This is awkward when shooting a shotgun, as the recoil pushes your body in the wrong direction and out of balance. You can step on the red charging line, but not outside of it.

    The animals are just there for looks. The scoring targets are clays, steel plates and steel poppers.

    Different shooters use different “technologies” for balancing. Compare with the shooter below.

    Red steel ones are no shoot targets and will give you penalty points.

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