[SHOT 2019] Fire Control Unit's X03 – A P320 FCU based AR-15

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Fire Control Unit is the name of the company that made a PDW chassis for the P320 FCU. Check out Pete’s review if you don’t know what I am talking about. Fire Control Unit capitalized on the modularity of the Sig Sauer P320 since the FCU or trigger pack is the serialized firearm they took that concept and ran with it in their X01 PDW. Well they are expanding their modular chassis design with an X02 and X03. Last December, Fire Control Unit teased a photo of the X02 and X03, which at the time was called the AR320. Well at SHOT Show, they had a prototype of the X03 on display.

The Sig P320 was designed to be modular so you can change calibers and grip modules from full size down to sub compact. But it was Fire Control Unit that took it an extra step with their X01 PDW chassis. Well now they are really thinking outside the box and transforming the P320 FCU into an AR platform.

They will have a cross bolt safety for those who do not have the frame safety versions of the P320.

You can see in the photo below the receivers are completely different from your standard AR15. It will be a side charger and carries over components like the take down lever and slide stop from the P320.

Thanks to my friend Alex for sharing his photo of the “slide carrier”. Fire Control Unit is calling it a “slide carrier” since it is no exactly an AR BCG. It will use a gas key and bolt from an AR-15 but the carrier will have the striker similar to that of the P320 slide.

The X03 upper receiver will be able to take any standard AR-15 barrel and barrel nut so you can use any handguard of your choosing. And since it will take any standard AR-15 profile barrel, you can change calibers if you so desire.

Fire Control Unit does not have a price set but they are aiming for “affordable”. I suspect it will be somewhere around $1,000-$1,200 price range. They are teaming up with Radical Firearms to make the receivers. Check out Fire Control Unit for updates on the X03.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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