[SHOT 2019] DSG Arms Ranger Rack And GLOCK G48 Holsters

    DSG Arms ranger rack

    When it comes to unwavering support of law enforcement, military and civilian shooters, the industry has no better friend than DSG Arms. Not only do they have a wide selection of guns and gear at excellent prices, but they also build a lot of products in house, turning from a dealer/distributor to a full-blown manufacturing complex in just a few years. Catching up with my friends this year, I was able to take a look at their latest version of the DSG Arms Ranger Rack – a modular and customizable organization system that can be hard mounted or clipped into a vehicle for rapid deployment.

    Necessity is the mother of invention: after a high-profile law enforcement defensive shooting situation where access to spare magazines in a vehicle was a difficult maneuver, DSG worked with a Texas Ranger to develop the Ranger Rack. The whole system can be configured to fit the user’s needs. Clip on racks can be easily detached and transferred to active shooter response bags. Hard mounts are a sturdy way to mount holster or flashlights.

    Pricing starts at just over $100 for a full kit and about $20 for an alá carte build. Links and information can be found below.

    [SHOT 2019] DSG Arms Ranger Rack And G48 Holsters

    DSG Arms Ranger Rack


    Kit includes:
    1 Ranger Rack
    2 CDC AR15 / M4 Magazine Carriers
    2 CDC 9 / 40 Double Stack Magazine Carriers
    Does NOT come with magazines

    Introducing the DSG Ranger Rack Kit – a dedicated storage rack for back-up pistol and/or rifle magazine carriers designed to fit into your daily driver’s door side pocket.

    Purpose: Rapid Vehicle Reload OR Grab and Go. . . Constructed of hefty 0.187 Kydex, the Ranger Rack utilizes DSG pistol and rifle magazine carriers which clip onto the rack, allowing the driver to reload off the rack, or shift the occupied mag carriers from the rack onto a belt as needed. Use the included hardware pack to lock in your preferred magazine carrier arrangement to prevent shifting on the rack.

    Location: Your Choice. . . Using the attachment clips you can drop the Ranger Rack inside your vehicle side pocket, or reverse the Ranger Rack so that it sits outside the side pocket. The attachment clips come with pre-drilled threaded holes for permanent attachment to the side pocket if desired.

    Vehicle Fit Statement: The Ranger Rack is a “universal” fit item and we encourage customization for your specific application! The accompanying hardware pack includes additional rubber spacers in order to get the Ranger Rack to fit to varying door panel thicknesses.

    Law Enforcement: The full-size Ranger Rack has been tested for compatibility with these common fleet vehicles.

    • Dodge Charger
    • Ford Crown Victoria
    • Ford Explorer
    • GM trucks late model/full size


    • Material: 0.187 Kydex
    • Color: Black
    • Dimensions: 12”W x 2”H
    • Attachments: Height-adjustable, pre-drilled threaded clips
    • Hardware pack included additional screws and various sizes of rubber spacers

    CDC Compact Discreet Carry Magazine Carriers:
    DSG Holsters Pistol and Rifle Magazine Carriers are carefully molded from the same durable Kydex 100 used for our holsters and retain magazines inserted either direction. The rubber-mounted injection molded 1.5” belt clips make these magazine carriers functional for inside or outside waistband wear, and the user may adjust retention to suit their activities – whether concealed carry, training or competitive shooting.

    Note: ADDITIONAL magazine carrier configurations are available – Please call 1.800.382.7571 for assistance in customizing your RANGER RACK.

    Customizable agency logos and colors

    DSG Arms G48 Holsters


    The Alpha Holster for Glock 48 is DSG’s workhorse – our full-size outside-waistband holster OWB for daily duty and training use. Built pancake style and molded to the body for comfort and concealment, the Alpha Holster is constructed of virtually indestructible .093 Kydex 100 rather than the .080 industry standard. That just means it’s slightly thicker and more scratch resistant than most holsters. The Alpha Holster was designed for hard use and all-day-long comfort, proven by members of the US Law Enforcement, Military, and Border Patrol as well as the Texas Rangers and citizens all over North America.

    • Adjustable retention on all holster models.
    • Refined and finished edges for a comfortable, close-to-the-body fit.
    • Durable Kydex 100 construction with PI scratch-resistant texture and higher heat tolerance.
    • Right hand and left hand available in all models.
    • Engineered sight channel for night sights and most suppressor sights.
    • Injection molded 1.75” belt loops on all HR models.
    • Compatible with Glock MOS version slides with most modern red dot optics.
    • Adjustable cant as well as height on belt.
    • Lighted models for TLR-1, X300UA, TLR-6, and XC-1.

    Note: Holsters for light attached weapons will not retain weapon without light attached.


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